Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tip#255: Take Command Now! – Star Trek 2009

Growing up we all learn to either take command of our lives or let others do that for us. Eventually we must all realize that YOU are responsible for taking command of the ship you call your life.

This continues to be a time for me where I am taking more command of areas I've ignored in my life. And my recent blog posts outline the inner energies necessary to ignite. In the previous post, Tip#254, I mentioned everyone's inner "testosterone" energy that activates your TAKE ACTION or TAKE COMMAND button. Your favourite cinematic role models can help you accomplish this.

I grew up loving Star Trek. As a child I was inspired by the the original TV series while in my teens I enjoyed the movie series. In my college years Star Trek: The Next Generation and the other TV offshoots continued to inspire my imagination. All in all, Star Trek fueled my positive emotional energy, my personal and professional skills development AND all the successful careers of my adult life.

Star Trek 2009

The 2009 movie Star Trek continues to electrify my imagination. And now the core elements of this universe are more accessible to the general movie going public. The film successfully fuses inspiring elements of the original TV show with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock with the excitement of today's culture and special effects technology. The story also inspires the importance of taking command of your life.

The story involves the formative years before the crew of the USS Enterprise come together and features a young, rebellious James T. Kirk. For him he doesn't believe in the no-win scenario. This is the mindset that help Kirk in his heroic acts of this movie and in future adventures.

Kirk is about being in the moment. He doesn't dwell on the past and he doesn't worry about the future. He gets the job done. Kirk's attitude borders on arrogance but it is a form of confidence that is indestructible. And that confidence can deal with any adversity.

Be in the moment

So learn to be in the moment. Worrying about the future is not being present. Dwelling on the past takes you out of the now. And you must be in the now in order to make the effective decisions that overcome unexpected change or crisis.

Whether you are dealing with life, career or workplace challenges learn to take command of your thoughts and feelings. Learn to activate your inner testosterone energy and your resilient confidence will get you through anything.

Remember you are the captain of the ship that you called your life. Do something today to take charge!

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Anonymous said...

HI motivational man.

You brightened my Mother's day with a thoughtful message. I will spread it around...for my friends to take control of their destiny.
Have a great day too.


Anonymous said...

I am a died-in-the-wool Trekkie. Grew up watching Captain Kirk and Spock (my personal favorite), in their adventures. Loved the quality of The Next Generation for the moral fiber of the characters. It all inspires me to reach for the stars without fear.


Anonymous said...


What a refreshing spin: the new Star Trek movie as a motivational case study. I could not agree more having just seen the film yesterday.

I believe there are additional lessons of motivation and inspiration from the movie such as 1) the evolution of natural leaders (Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the core team as well); 2) "on the fly" teamwork in adversity; 3) improvisation by an individual to ensure success, despite popular opinion; and 4) destiny or the concept of alternate paths and possibilities.

As for the world of Star Trek, I am a fan of all the franchises. One of the best aspects of Star Trek (aside from the portrayals of future technological concepts) has been observing the problem-solving process and diverse leadership styles (Kirk versus Picard, etc.).

Thank you for the post.

Sherry H.

Anonymous said...

Just came back from the movie theatre, it was awesome, I really liked it. Time is an illusion... I am always impressed by the leadership and team work in the Star Trek world. In the new movie it is nice to see how the crew members met, how team spirit developed and for Trek fans, how the well known friendships started :-)