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Tip#153: The Positive Pause - Stranger Than Fiction

Hitting a roadblock in your career or life is the signal that an old mindset doesn't work anymore. The pain of unexpected change or crisis is your wake up call to let go of the old and create new habits of thinking.

The first challenge is to realize and accept that you have hit a brick wall or an impasse. So even if you feel your life is stuck on pause do your best to see it as a positive pause. You are about to go through a transition so this pause is a gift of time.

Stranger Than Fiction

The movie Stranger Than Fictionstars Will Ferrell as Harold Crick and it demonstrates the process of changing a mindset. In the story Crick experiences a big impasse that shakes up his life. After much resistance he finally accepts the process of transforming his “crisis mindset” to an “opportunity focused mindset”.

You get to see him take advantage of his positive pause by having the courage to take time from work to clear his mind. It ends up leading him towards positive transformations in his life, career and even his personal relationships. More on this movie see tips: #21, #52, #63, #93, #130

Steps To Take When You're Stuck On Pause:
1) Identify your impasse
2) Surrender and accept the positive pause
3) Identify and explore your passions, values & goals
4) Stay open to new information, new attitudes and options
5) Take action and risks for new directions

Seeing movie heroes overcome their challenges is one way of motivating you. When you witness them going through their positive pause it will help you see that doing nothing initally is actually doing something. A positive pause helps clear out your old mindsets.

So if you are experiencing the pain of crisis or change in your career, life or relationships know that this is a signal for an opportunity of transformation. The shake up is a gift of time for you to clear your mind. It's the only way to make room for the new mindset that will magnetize all your goals and dreams you desire.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

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