Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tip#154: Iron Man Inspires Personal Power

It takes fierce conviction to overcome a painful crisis. Superheroes in pop culture today are there to inspire us that we each have the power to overcome whatever life throws at us.

Iron Man

You may have heard the positive buzz around the movie Iron Manand it's true, the film is incredibly entertaining and energizing. It continues to celebrate the mission of Marvel Comics to portray superheroes with the same flaws and foibles all ordinary humans possess.

Iron Manstars Robert Downey Jr. as wealthy entrepreneur, inventor and arms manufacturer, Tony Stark who is forced to face a life threatening crisis. With fierce conviction he disobeys his captors and creates a suit of armor that he uses to escape his predicament.

This leads to the turning point in his life and career where he chooses to use his gifts, talents and skills to help the world instead of being part of its problems.

Iron Manreminds us that even though we all have flaws we are all born with skills and talents that we can use for overcoming adversity. And Stark is far from a positive role model with some of his thoughtless attitudes. In the end it is his heroic actions that make him an exciting cinematic role model.

Missions Need Support

Tony Stark's mission to make the world a better place was not just a solo mission but one that required the trust and support of at least two individuals. Once he showed what he could do with his suit of armor he attracted even more support for his mission.

This movie was a big mirror for me because it took my early mid-life crisis to wake me up to my calling for helping others. And as I began to just show people what my motivational services were about I cultivated more and more support.

So let this be a reminder to you that accomplishing your goals takes fierce resilience and a positive state of mind. It also takes the trust and support of people who believe in you.

And don't dwell on your personal flaws. Remember you already possess the innate skills and talents to overcome your problems. All you have to do is believe in your strengths and you will no longer focus on your weaknesses.

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