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Tip#157: You Are In Training - Wax On Wax Off - The Karate Kid 1984

Sometimes we feel we are forced to do tasks that are unpleasant. It might be a task that was dumped on you in the workplace or pushed upon you in a personal relationship. In all cases it is your primary job to see the silver lining of each situation and ask yourself - What are you learning?

Since the beginning of 2008 I began to have a cascade of deeper epiphanies for the reasons why an early mid-life crisis hit me in early 2000. Looking back I have grown to realize that I've been in training to change ALL my mindsets that no longer served my purpose in life and in my career.

At the time I felt forced to do things in my life that felt very uncomfortable like cut back in my spending in all areas of living and in running my business. My financial crash forced me to shake up my usual routines in order to adapt and survive. Looking back I realized I was learning new skill sets on how to be resilient and resourceful.

Karate Kid 1984

The movie Karate Kidis one I grew up with that helped plant the seed that we are always in training even when we don't recognize it. The film stars Ralph Macchio as Daniel a teen wanting to learn karate to defend himself from neighbourhood bullies. He is taught by Mr. Miyagi, played by Noriyuki 'Pat' Morita who first makes him wax his car.

Daniel does as he is told but is frustrated because he feels he is not doing anything of value. He just spends many hours repeating what Miyagi told him to do, "Wax on wax off."

Finally Daniel confronted Miyagi stating he saw no purpose in what he was doing and demanded to be taught karate. That's when Miyagi suddenly threw karate punches at Daniel which he instinctively blocked using the motion of his arms from the waxing task.

Daniel realized that he was already being trained though he didn't see it at first. Miyagi was secretly teaching Daniel the karate moves necessary to defend himself in a fight.

See The Bigger Picture

So whenever you feel you are spending time on a task that feels like a waste of time always remember, "Wax on wax off". See your situation from a more positive angle. Change your mindset so it always defaults to seeing the silver lining of any situation. Be optimistic and identify what you are learning.

In retrospect it is always easier to discover the value of what has passed. Make it your primary task to see that value RIGHT NOW!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Emmanuel! Just wanted to come back and thank you for this post.

I read it last week before heading up North on a trip to see the in-laws. And this post came up in conversation!

We were talking about the Canadian education system, the fact that we learn seemingly useless information. (I still believe we would benefit more from learning basic life skills, something more like what you teach here as Motivatorman).

I brought up your post to point out that maybe that information isn't so useless, that maybe we're just in training. Or maybe the education system does need a review?

In any case, thanks for your post - it added another dimension to a very lively debate! :)