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Tip#159: Get Excited & You’ll Get Magnetic - Son of Rambow

Passion is fuel. Passion is also magnetic. So if you are excited about a dream, goal or task you will become a magnetic energy that will attract others to you.

Son of Rambow

Recently, I was compelled to see a new movie that was getting rave reviews despite its unusual title and poster featuring a little boy. Called Son of Rambow this film has a strong reference to Sylvester Stallone's character Rambo in the movie First Blood. This is a whimsical story set in 1980's England and is about a boy named Will whose religion prevents him from watching any television. Still, he has a vivid imagination and a prolific gift for drawing.

When he accidentally sees scenes from First Blood it excites and unleashes his passion for movie making. Will explodes with energy and with a pumped up creative spirit he embarks, with new friend Carter, on creating a home movie sequel to First Blood called Son of Rambow.

You get to witness how magnetic the film project becomes from the enthusiastic reactions of other students at his school. Despite his previous anonymity, Will becomes an energy the students are drawn to get involved with the film.

With more and more students helping on the production this little movie expands and becomes even better. And it all started with one small person's spark of excitement and passion.

Law of Attraction

This is the law of attraction in action. Like attracts like. It's how your goals and dreams can be accomplished if you just focus on what excites your soul. Keep feeling good about your personal interests and passions and it will light up a way for others to follow.

So remember the multiple benefits of following your passion: it is your fuel and it is magnetic. By focusing on what you love doing doors will open up for you and create direct links to like-minded people. All you have to do is take action with whatever excites you!

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