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Tip#152: Be An Empty Cup - Peaceful Warrior - The Forbidden Kingdom

Are you a half glass empty kind of person? Or a half glass full person? This is a popular analogy for having a pessimistic or optimistic mindset. Once you realize which one you are there will be even more options revealed.

I remember asking someone if they were a half glass empty or half glass full person. They surprised me be saying neither and stated they were a full glass kind of person. I laughed because it was a new way of looking at that analogy.

It reminded me of the concept in the book, How Full Is Your Bucket? that I wrote about in tip#150. It stated we all have an invisible bucket that is either filled or emptied with every interaction we have with people. Having a full bucket or glass is like saying you are filled with positive energy and optimism.

A Fourth Option

Now there is a fourth option reserved for those feeling deeply stuck in life. For those feeling their back is against a wall or have hit some sort of massive roadblock it is time to be an empty cup.

At the beginning of the year 2000 and 2008 I had to face different walls that asked me to be brave and walk into the blackness of the unknown. I was in a crisis and in order for me to move forward I had to let go of everything I thought was the "right thing" to do. I had to empty my cup so new answers could fill it.

Peaceful Warrior

In the movie the Peaceful Warriorthe main character wanted to make his dream come true of being a top Olympic gymnast. In order to achieve this he had to change his mindset. In order to change his mindset he had to experience a trauma that helped empty out his old thought processes. It wasn't easy but fully necessary for him to achieve his goals. More on this movie: Click here

The Forbidden Kingdom

In my previous tip#151, The Forbidden Kingdommovie has a scene where the teen hero wants to turn his passion for kung fu into reality with a newfound teacher. The teen's mind was so full of all his favourite kung fu movie references that it served as a block in learning the true martial arts. His teacher told him he had to first empty his cup before he could move forward.

Do Your Best

So do your best to keep your bucket filled with positive emotional energy. That energy and passion will be your fuel while you empty your cup. Emptying your cup will then clear your mind for the new information you need to overcome your current challenges.

It takes courage and time to empty your cup. Just remember that this process is key to achieving your goals and that you are not alone in your journey. There are many empty cups already around you!

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Leap 2 Learn said...
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Leap 2 Learn said...

Do you think one needs to experience trauma or darkness in their lives in order to see the light or clear their lives of limiting beliefs?

It seems going into the darkness and pain is the most common story for so many great teachers.

I wonder if anyone can share a story of enlightenment or growth that is without the extreme experience of pain and darkness.