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Tip#151: Passion Is Fuel, Part 1 - The Forbidden Kingdom

Definition of Passion: A powerful feeling. The object of such love and desire, great enthusiasm, anger or rage.

Some people are lucky enough to know what they are passionate about in life and use it to enjoy their time in the world. While others have fear around maximizing the energizing powers of their passion. Sometimes it takes unexpected adversity to make one’s passion truly come alive.

The Forbidden Kingdom

I recently saw the movie The Forbidden Kingdomthat inspires passion. The story is about a modern American teen with a passion for kung fu movies. Though he does not expect it he is magically thrown back into ancient China to fulfill a prophecy. This becomes a journey for making his passion for the martial arts a reality.

This is the first film that brings together martial arts stars Jackie Chan and Jet Li. It is filled with dazzling action sequences with as many wise lessons for facing fears. It is a mirror for how life can throw adversity at you in order to release your inner and innate strengths.

You witness the American teen learn to apply his love for kung fu while on a life path he did not expect to be a part of. Along the way he meets martial arts experts that teach him what he needs to know. Again this is a powerful mirror for life. When you are ready to unleash your inner strengths and skills the teachers will appear, like magic, into your life.

Adversity Is A Window of Opportunity

Adversity is defined as a state of misfortune, hardship or affliction. So remain optimistic. When you find yourself in unexpected challenges do your best to see it as a window of opportunity to become the hero in your own life story.

Whether your challenges are in your career, relationships or in life always remember that it will be your passions that fuel your journey. Passion is an internal energy source that will keep you moving forward.

Fuel For The Journey

I was lucky growing up to have had a loving environment that nurtured my passions. I always had a love for movies. I also loved helping people feel good when I created my artwork or even just talking to someone. It would take unexpected adversity in my late 30's to realize I could combine these two passions into an exciting new career as a motivational specialist.

And it has been a long journey since my early mid-life crisis that hit in 2000. Even now I face challenges that test my optimism. Thankfully it is my passions that continue to keep me fueled when times look tough. Plus in writing these motivational tips I discovered another passion. It excites me to know that documenting my struggles and successes will help you in yours.

Identify Your Passions

So what excites you? What are your favourite activities or interests that bring you joy? What are things that you look forward to in anticipation? Or what gets you angry? That strong feeling is energy and maybe you are meant to harness it to change the cause of your anger.

Take time to identify your passions because they are your fuel in life. And when you start to truly live and share your passions your world will transform into the brightest adventure ever!

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to say "thank you" for your insights and positive thoughts and words of encouragement. I read them all of the time and truly appreciate them.


Anonymous said...

I just read your 'passion' blog - you are just amazing! It was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for taking the time to share. I really really appreciate it.

Doris P.