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Tip#148: There Is Always A Way Out - Mr. Deeds Goes To Town

When the hero of a movie is stuck in a hopeless trap it can seem impossible they will break free. But somehow they always figure a way out. Life is the same way and you just have to believe you are the hero of your own movie.

I remember doing some early spring cleaning at the beginning of 2008 and came across an article from last year I printed up from the internet. The title was: Feeling Stuck? Getting Past Impasse. It hooked me immediately because I was feeling stuck in my career and I knew the universe had guided me back to this important motivational resource.

Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths

This article was an interview with Dr. Timothy Butler whose book, Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths,talked about how psychological impasse is necessary for all human beings to go through. It teaches us how to create new habits of thinking in order to overcome our challenges.

Impasse: A road or passage having no exit; A situation that is so difficult that no progress can be made.

The 6 phase plan Butler describes for recognizing and overcoming impasse is exactly what I've been through. It took many years and the results have been a much happier life and career with a profound understanding of who I am and why I am here on this planet. So I was excited to read about how someone else like Butler articulated this process for dealing effectively with unexpected life and career changes.

Mr. Deeds Goes To Town

There are many movies where the hero faces physical impasses and manages to break free. There are also classic movies I love where a movie hero is facing more of a mental impasse. Mr. Deeds Goes To Townfeatures Gary Cooper as Mr. Deeds who overcomes adversity from greedy individuals around him.

Mr. Deeds is a small town man who suddenly inherits millions of dollars and moves to New York City. Being a good-hearted man he decides to give most of the money away to people who truly need the assistance. Nasty lawyers and the woman he loved had betrayed him so deeply he sank into a deep depression. He was then put on trial his spirit visibly broken.

Though he seemed to be lost in his impasse Mr. Deeds was secretly alert and observing everyone's actions in the courtroom. He eventually speaks up and initiates a rousing, exciting finale that will inspire you to move beyond your own impasse.

So always remember that getting stuck in your life or career is a blessing in disguise. You are at a place where you will learn how truly resourceful and mentally strong you can be. You just have to believe that everything has happened to unleash who you really are deep inside.

Face your challenges now. All your favourite movie heroes will be cheering you on!

To read the Dr. Timothy Butler article: Click here
Download an audio interview: Click here

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