Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tip#145: Believe in the Impossible - The Shiny Dimes - Ghost

Synchronistic messages can come to you at any time. It takes practice to accept clues that come out of nowhere to guide you forward to your goals and dreams. It requires a faith in believing like you've never believed before.

The recent Easter weekend in March felt like a deep transition for me. It was ironic because this was a time of celebrating resurrection, of returning to life. I was feeling positive changes happening in my career. And yet by the following Wednesday I woke up experiencing a strange physical and mental disconnection.

I couldn't concentrate on my work and was not coherent talking to anyone on the phone. So by the early afternoon I surrendered to just meeting up with my friend, the computer tech guru, at our regular Starbucks hangout. That's when the magic began.

The Shiny Dimes Message

Once we got in line for our coffees something shiny caught my eye on the floor. It was a shiny dime. I picked it up and smiled because it had a deep significance for me. Ever since my father passed away a few years ago his spirit somehow let's me know that he was around whenever I found a dime.

Finding shiny dimes has occurred many times and usually when I was feeling lost. I have documented many of these instances and on this day felt a heartfelt comfort knowing he was with me in my disconnected state.

As my friend and I sat and enjoyed our coffee I saw something else on the ground that caught the bright afternoon sunlight. I was compelled to get up and see what it was. It was another shiny dime.

This time I felt there was something else going on. What else was my dad telling me? I knew it meant something but couldn't put my finger on it.


This brings to mind the movie Ghoststarring Demi Moore as Molly and Patrick Swayze as Sam. Sam has died but his restless spirit wants to communicate with Molly. So through a medium, played by Whoopie Goldberg, he proves that he still exists and is with her by making a penny move from the floor and into Molly's hand. Molly takes a leap of faith to believe in this message from beyond.

The Answer

When I returned home I got a call from my mother who asked me about my new computer I was long overdue in purchasing for my business. I had been holding off for years because of the financial challenges I'd been facing. She then surprised me by saying she wanted to get it for me as an early birthday and Christmas present.

I was stunned by my mother's generosity and humbly accepted her loving gift. She then asked if I remembered that it was my dad's birthday.

I gasped.

I instantly realized the significance of the 2nd dime I found. I immediately told my mom what had happened that day with the shiny dimes and we almost cried.

I felt that this new computer was also a gift from my father reminding me that he is still supporting me in my current career transition. Plus my mom later said she had received a strong thought of the gift idea around the same time I found the dimes. There was no doubt in my mind that my father was communicating with both of us.

The Realm of All Possibilities

Being disconnected on my father's birthday was an important key to being open to these random yet synchronistic events. It opened my mindset to the realm of all possibilities.

It was much like the transition periods people find themselves in whether it's for sudden loss in career or in personal relationships. You are suddenly in a mind space where you are disconnected to everything you thought you knew and now open to new ideas and options.

So let this story inspire you to remain open to important messages that come to you out of the chaos of your life. Keep an open mind. Watch for the patterns that repeat because they may be connected to answers you've been asking for.

Most of all believe in the impossible because that may be your very first step in achieving your goals and dreams.

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Emmanuel Lopez
Silverlining Specialist & Motivational Wingman
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story, Emmanuel! Thanks for sharing it and enjoy your new computer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Motivational man!
Keep up the great work. I have been so overjoyed by your encouragement and positivity.
Your wonderful work has definitely contributed to my upliftment as a new comer.

Please continue your work since its a delight to read your inspirational thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to write to let you know how much i have enjoyed your e-mails! I first met you through my good friend Doris who had asked me to attend one of your seminars...(which by the way I really enjoyed)...I have since received your motivational tips and I must say how much they have inspired me especially when i get down... having moved from my home in the country (comfort zone) to my new home here in the exciting city.

I especially liked this one...hence my response... I very much believe in "signs" and will continue to keep an open mind following your experience....

Thank you, and keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

Good email Emmanuel! Inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Great inspiring story!

I've had similar experiences. And especially with the spirit of my father also. It's amazing how these things work.

It's good to stay open to these experiences


Anonymous said...

This is one of your best blogs in my opinion.

Patrick Bizindavyi

Anonymous said...

I believe this goes down as your best blog entry yet. Thank you motivator man for sharing.

Renn S.

Anonymous said...

This to me was the most connected blog so far in terms of knowing more about who you are and the things that you believe in. It actually even gave me a tear in my eye and reminded me of when I was with my mom, husband and son at a waterpark that I heard a Bryan Admas song that he really liked "I'm ready..." was played at my brother's funeral.

I hear it only time to time and it always seems to be around special family moments and times when I am reminded of him. Always totally uncanny ...


Anonymous said...

How lovely:))) Your father is still very active looking after you:) I think that is quite common that parents stay around. My grandmother did exactly the same with my mother (she died when mum was 1). Many are the storys of how she very actively helped mum out when she was young...