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Tip#100: Enjoy The Journey - Citizen Kane

Each of us is on a unique journey. And yet some of us are so fixated on where we want to end up that we miss the gold and gifts along the way. It is important to stay aware along your path for all the magical moments, epiphanies and people you come across.

I am now celebrating my 100th motivational tip that marks a full year since I started this blog. In doing so I have discovered a new passion for writing and helping others by documenting my struggles and the movies and people that inspired me to keep moving forward. This writing gave me a new sense of purpose.

Looking back I am so glad I recorded this pivotal year. I've had to let go of old friends who did not believe in me and welcomed new ones I've met who have given their unconditional support and encouragement. It's like what Forrest Gumpsaid, "Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re going to get."

The Pivotal Year

This may also be the pivotal year I discovered the focal point in my childhood that created all my primary blocks and challenges in my adult life. Back in the summer I had unearthed specific childhood incidents that my 7 year soul searching journey had unexpectedly led me towards. It is an epiphany that will be explained during the next year of this blog documenting the healing and rebuilding of my new wealth and prosperity consciousness.
The significance of childhood focal points has been explored in countless movies. It is a universal concept that the blocks we experience as adults can originate from programming instilled into us at a young age. The irony is unless we choose to dig deep we may never know that certain childhood experiences could have severely altered our sense of reality. So going back in time to our past can be the key to manifesting the future we yearn for and the happiness we seek in the present.

Citizen Kane

Citizen Kaneis a classic movie written, produced, directed and starring a 25 year old Orson Welles. There are so many reasons why this movie has been called the number #1 Hollywood movie in AFI's 100 Greatest American Movies of All Time. Technically way ahead of it's time the film is full of rich symbolistic imagery and thought provoking themes.

This is a story about the mysterious last words of a dying publishing tycoon, Charles Foster Kane and his background tale that unravels revealing the elements that molded him. Though one of the world's famous and extremely rich, Kane died alone uttering the single word, "Rosebud".

Reporters scrambled to discover the meaning of Rosebud resulting in unearthing the complex puzzle of a man's life and how he eventually fell. And though it is no secret to what Rosebud means, as it will be revealed at the end of the film, the important point is the journey towards its discovery.

If you already know what Rosebud means then realize now that it is not the ending or destination that is important but the journey. The discoveries are what makes a life an adventure. Rosebud also represents the missing piece of our lives that was either taken away from us or that would make us whole again. Citizen Kaneis a mirror to remind each of us of the importance of our childhood days.

Your Own Rosebud

So if you are in a place in your life where you know something is missing deep inside your soul then start searching for your own Rosebud. Muster up all your available courage and make it your goal and journey to do whatever it takes to find the missing pieces of your life.

You will not be alone on your journey. The universe has a way of sending you all the synchronistic signs and chance encounters with people who will help move you forward. Let all the stories and tips I've shared in my journey fill you with hope and a vision that you too can find overflowing happiness along your path.

And because you are reading this right now know that I am already part of your journey urging you to remain optimistic and passionate. I am your motivational wingman. Reread these 100 tips whenever you need them.

Remember to keep doing the things you love doing that re-energize your spirit. These are your passions. And remember to nurture your personal relationships because they are vital to your journey. You are never alone. Be open to all the helpful souls and earth angels already around you.

Each and every one of us is on a unique journey. Let's share what we've learned along the way and help accelerate one another towards our dreams and goals.

"We're all here to do what we're all here to do. I'm interested in one thing... the future. And believe me I know the only way to get there is together."
The Oracle, The Matrix Reloaded

"The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination."
Peaceful Warrior

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Anonymous said...

Just my of my favorite quotes is, "I want to define my future, rather than constantly having to react to it." If you want to phrase it a bit different then it would be, "I prefer planed growth versus organic growth."

And if you want to look back and make a change then this is also a form of reprogramming, NLP. Also, consciously changing habits and awareness levels.

Cheers from sunny but cool NYC.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel. Congratulations on your 100th Tip!

Jeff Chow

Anonymous said...

100 Tips, holy MAC... Thanks for the inspiration Emmanuel.

Also, To Anonymous, I really like your comment. It is something to repeat (repeatedly haha)

My favorite inspirational quote is from Napoleon Hill and it reads “Patients, Persistence, and Perspiration, make an unbeatable combination for SUCCESS”.

Emmanuel, maybe you could breakdown what Mr. Hill means by that sometime on your blog.

May you all be successful in your lives.


Anonymous said...


Your blogs just keep getting better and better and better. This was timely and meaningful. Thank you for sharing your life in this way. You are amazing!

Peace + love,

Anonymous said...

congratulations! 100 tips!

you are forever inspiring me and your tips always seem to come right at the moment i need them! Thank you.

your cheerleader, LM

Anonymous said...

Hi, Emmanuel,

Congratulation for reaching your 100th tip!. It is the journey that make up who we are. Those whe enjoy the journey will have a fruitful life.

Anonymous said...

This is good stuff man
The future is bright for you

money guru

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 100th...that's a lot of motivating...

Cheers/David Cohen

Small Busness, Big Ideas Show
107.7 FM and 1580 CKDO Radio

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's fantastic news. Keep it up!

Bill Sweetman

Anonymous said...

You are a loser.What have you accomplished to motivate others???Why should anyone follow your lead???The average person would be is a worst condition if they took your lead.If I am wrong, please add a blog about what makes you so good.We are all laughing at you.

Anonymous said...

What a journey you are on. You are helping so many people with your insights. It’s a very special quality and gift that you have to express yourself in words.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on posting your 100th tip!! Woohoo, you really are good at following through with your goals.

I'm interested in hearing more about your childhood memories and how that may have affected your way of looking at things in life or going about things, so looking forward to hearing more about that in future blogs.

Also, I think it's so important what you mentioned there about learning to enjoy each moment along your journey and not getting too caught up in just focusing on the end goal or how you expect things to happen. Things may not always happen exactly the way we think, anyway, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing. I find I have a bit of a problem with this still, to focus on the now.