Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tip#78: Disconnect In Order To Reconnect - Music and Lyrics

There are times when you feel disconnected from life. You don't get what you were expecting and suddenly you are left in a state of limbo. You feel unplugged and not sure what to do next. Sometimes it's necessary to get disconnected in order to reconnect with your core goals.

Last weekend was a long weekend here in Toronto and I did my best to get out of the city for a mini vacation. I even used law of attraction to magnetize an ideal getaway where I could swim with a friend in a warm, clear lake and breathe in some northern trees and a crackling campfire smell. Alas nothing materialized and I ended up stuck in downtown Toronto. I felt pretty down and wondered what went wrong. I felt a little lonely.

I did my best to stay positive and applied Earl Nightingale's The Strangest Secrettips from his recording to keep optimistic. Somehow though I knew my place in the city was where I was suppose to be. I just had to let go of all my previous expectations and trust in my situation.

My spirit felt exhausted. By feeling disconnected I entered that space I've been before where it feels a bit uncomfortable being in a state of doing nothing. I felt unproductive. But doing nothing was doing something. My true needs and goals in life were filtering to the top of my mind.

And I began to think about some core desires that my soul wanted me to remember. What came up were 2 core goals that revolved around relationships.

Core Goals:

1) Business Relationships:

I realized I needed to build business alliances with experts to help my career goals become a reality. My vision for my motivational programs and self-help book (and many other exciting projects) will require keen strategizing and management. The most important business move now was to learn how to co-create a successful business with someone. So I spent part of the long weekend preparing an outline and overview of my many motivational products I'd developed. I was already attracting potential business alliances so I wanted to be clear and ready to present my business needs.

2) Personal Relationships:

I realized I wished I had a special person to have shared the long weekend with. Having a special woman to share my life journey with would be a dream come true. For whatever reasons I just haven't found her yet. Now this is a whole other area of my life where I have been using law of attraction and been documenting the funny and amazing synchronistic stories I've experienced so far. I will slowly share more details on future blogs because there are parallels of learning with business alliances I want to attract. For now I will remain optimistic that I will find her.

And so I wrote down these core goals and keep them in my pocket as I've learned is an important part of the law of attraction process. Thanks to Earl Nightingale's motivational recording the repetition of this exercise is mandatory to achieving success (see tip#77).

So by holiday Monday I had fully surrendered that I was not getting out of the city. I ended up choosing an alternative and enjoyed a nearby outdoor public pool. I felt a little better afterwards but something was still missing. It would have been nice to have shared that moment with a special girl.

At the end of that day I remembered the law of attraction and to visualize what I wanted in a personal relationship. The method worked as I felt compelled to rent a dvd of a romantic movie. That step made so much sense so I went to my favourite dvd rental store and was immediately drawn to the film, Music and Lyrics.

Music and Lyrics (2007)

The romantic comedy film, Music and Lyricsstars Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Grant played a musician from a fictional popular 80's band who needed to find a lyricist to help resurrect his career. He finds Barrymore and together they create this amazing love song called 'Way Back Into Love'. The music and lyrics they co-created together lifted my soul and filled me with overflowing hope. What an unexpectedly fun time I had watching how their relationship unfold. The movie reminded me that I would eventually find the love I seek. I just needed to stay optimistic and keep believing.

So by the end of the long weekend on that Monday evening I felt re-energized once again by the power of movies. I felt so different from the rest of the weekend. I was back to my optimistic self and much clearer with my core goals.

Feeling disconnected can be highly beneficial. If you find yourself in that situation allow yourself to surrender to it. Stay optimistic that this place is where you are suppose to be even if you feel you are doing nothing. And remember that doing nothing is doing something. Important messages from deep inside you are pushing their way to the forefront of your thoughts and you need the space to listen.

And always remember you can use the law of attraction to magnetize the help you need. Movies are a great resource because the characters, visuals and music can lift you up and fill you with hope. Movies can also keep you company when you're feeling alone.

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel,

I like that you are using a bit of your art in your emails.

And, now that everyone knows you are looking for that special out! you are going to be inundated with possibilities...good luck!

:) Paulette

Anonymous said...

I think sometimes while we want things to come into our lives, there are reasons why they sometimes don't come when we want them to. Perhaps there are other things we need to do first, or to learn, or we're not quite ready yet. Who knows.

I still believe there's fate out there on top of the law of attraction. We planned this life for ourselves with certain circumstances and things for a reason we can't fully comprehend while on earth.

Anonymous said...

The reason I'm writing is to comment on your last post called
Tip#78: Disconnect In Order To Reconnect. .

There was section you talked about your core goals and personal relationships. Well you see I'm in the same situation as you, because I'm still single and wish I had someone special in my life.

Unfortunately that special meeting with someone has not happened yet. I'm sure at some point in my life the Devine universe will present a time, a place and a person. That person will probably be my soulmate.

For now I have to wait patiently. There's a great saying in a book I read that goes like this "The only thing that will bring immediate effect is infinite patience" So true, don't you think? I totally believe in this. It can be applied in everything you do in life.

Anonymous said...

It's okay to introduce your personal love life. I am pretty much in the same boat. Your story is very much like mine, I am also waiting for that special girl of mine to complete my life.
Take care!


Anonymous said...

I will look forward to your blogs.
Your sincerity is refreshing.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Your #78 blog is very human and down to earth. Many
will relate to what you were feeling.

Anonymous said...

I just read Tips #78 and 79. They’re very inspirational and I’m so glad that you’ve started writing about finding love.

Writing about this part of your life is a good move. Writing transmutes thoughts/imagination into your personal reality, doesn’t it? Surely, it must strengthen the Law of Attraction that much more!

Most people are looking for love, you’re connecting with people on this level (love is an extremely powerful emotion), helping them along.

And you never know: you’re woman might be an avid fan of yours! Putting yourself out there may give her the courage to approach you.