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Tip#41: Recognize The Support Around You - 4 Movie Tips

In tip#13 Believe In Synchronicity I shared the amazing connection I made with someone I had just met. That person has since turned into a great friend and has emailed comments on almost all my blog entries. His regular feedback and support has also kept my spirits motivated during recent times of uncertainty in my career. It reminded me that there is always unexpected support around you if you are open to where it comes from.

Another supportive example is my mother who has become a new business advisor of mine for the past few years. Seeing her innate CEO skills and pro-active attitude was a profound surprise and now I view her more than just a loving mother but a strong willed, resilient individual. Allowing myself to see her other qualities as a human being allowed me to become a more self-confident person in my life and business.

I've also received constant support from a professor I had presented keynotes for in his university business classes. Not only is he the CEO of his own international company he is the fastest email responders I know! Through him I also learned from his impressive email etiquette which is highly important in today's business and personal communications. We had made a connection years ago and feel lucky today to be supported through his email correspondence and unofficial mentorship.

These real life examples reminded me of movies that will help you to recognize the support already around you...

As Good As It Gets (1997)

As Good As It Getsis a romantic comedy starring Jack Nicholson as Melvin, a nasty neighbour and restaurant customer. After having to deal with unexpected changes in his life he starts to surprise himself, and the people around him, with how thoughtful and helpful he can be when his apartment neighbour needs emergency assistance.

Recognize that your neighbours, customers, clients or even the servers you encounter on a daily basis are unexpected resources for help. Even if you initiate a connection with a friendly smile in the hallway, sidewalk or a store check out line, that simple action can break down invisible walls between people.

Finding Forrester (2000)

Finding Forrester is a drama starring Sean Connery, he plays a famous reclusive writer that ends up becoming a mentor for a gifted young writer. Both are at very different age groups and different cultural worlds but they learn to find a common ground. In the end they both help each other profoundly with blocks in their lives they didn’t expect to break.

"You can be afraid of change and you can be afraid of people who aren't like you. But if you let them in you’ll be rewarded for that and it will give you new life."
Jonathan King, Executive Producer, Finding Forrester

Cinderella Man (2005)

Cinderella Man is a drama based on the true story of boxer Jim Braddock, starring Russell Crowe, who slowly hits rock bottom with his family during the great depression. For years he does his best not to ask for any financial help but when he finally has no other choice he realizes that most people were happy to give him whatever they could spare. Remember that option of asking for help in your own times of trouble. There is no shame in failure. Find the courage to ask for help when you need it.

In America (2002)

In America is a drama based on director Jim Sheridan's family journey from Ireland to New York City. Though they move next to a big, scary neighbour, played by Djimon Hounsou, his daughters were not frightened of him. Their childlike curiosity, innocence and kindness immediately broke through the barriers between the family and the neighbour. In many different ways they all helped each other profoundly, financially and spirit wise. Keeping that childlike curiosity around new people is the ultimate ice breaker.

So be open with a sense of curiosity in making supportive connections with people already in your life. These are the individuals you already feel comfortable around or even some that you may not like at first. Ask yourself, "what can I learn from this person" or "How can I help this individual?" Take a chance and focus on the hidden positives and be the first one to offer a kind gesture or simple hello.

Making great and long term connections are like plants that you must nurture and allow time to grow. You must put effort into it. Find people who believe in you. When you do treat them like gold. And be there for them too when they need support. Helping one another is a two way street.

In times of trouble sometimes it takes one kind person to let you know you are not alone. As colourful expressions go, they'll be the ones who'll be there through thick and thin, when the chips are down or when the rug gets pulled out from under you!

"Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher."
Oprah Winfrey

Emmanuel Lopez© Emmanuel Lopez 2007

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Anonymous said...

Emmanuel, I just had to tell you how much I am enjoying your blogs. They are inspirational and motivating!!!! I just love them. I reread them and every time I do, I get some new little nugget. Thanks for taking the time to write them. And absolutely you do have to write a book around them. How great would that be!

Cheers, Doris