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Tip#1180: Resilience Resources, Part 27 – Mental Health - Joker

Looking back over the years I feel extremely grateful for the mental health resources and therapies I’ve been able to take in Toronto such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other group therapy programs with fantastic psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers (read more). They have provided many invaluable tools for helping me cope with clinical depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This has also made me feel more compassionate to others I've read about or meet who suffer from mental illnesses.

“8-Year-Old Mexican Girl, Who Was Bullied and Labeled 'Weird,' Has Higher IQ Than Einstein: Report” 

This headline on social media caught my eye and compelled me to read this inspiring and insightful article. It said that this little girl was bullied and mentally tortured so much at school that she slipped into a very deep depression. Thankfully her mother was able to take her daughter to therapy and from there the girl’s extremely high IQ was identified and was able to seek a learning environment that honed her unique skill sets. Read article

I also recently saw an interview of Game of Thrones star and X-Men film actress Sophie Turner who gave an emotional interview with Dr. Phil on her difficult experiences with depression since her teenage years. She mentions there are very little depression resources in the UK and that she has to fly friends over to the US to receive mental health help. See: Full video interview with Sophie Turner

All this reminds me of how grateful I am living in Canada and being able to seek proper medical attention over the years. However I had to work hard at finding these therapy programs online because I didn’t have doctors knowledgeable enough to recognize my mental illness.

This is why I focus much of my time raising awareness on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin of my mental illness experiences, coping tools and self-care tips that have worked for me. And movies have always inspired me in some uplifting way especially those that can teach life lessons about characters dealing with mental illness and how destructive it can be.

Joker (2019)

The psychological thriller film, Joker, is the origin story of infamous Batman villain, Arthur Fleck aka The Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) who starts off as a party clown and aspiring stand-up comedian. This raw, intense and dark character study on mental illness also stars Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy and Brett Cullen.
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This film was often painful to watch and yet also riveting as we see Arthur physically abused by people around him while suffering from a medical disorder that causes him to laugh at inappropriate times. And despite the horrors Arthur endures and eventually inflicts others he is able to have us feel for his pain.

The movie deals with the themes of mental illness and its effects not only on the individual but also on personal relationships, the workplace and in society. If there was a positive take-away from this film it’s the importance of raising awareness of mental health and the need for providing help, counseling and a lot of compassion, patience, support and understanding.

Understanding mental illness can be a long journey for people suffering and for the loved ones having to witness it. And with courage and perseverance they can all find help in whatever city they live in. And if there are no resources there they can find many online whether they are professional services, personal lived-experiences on social media or movies that educate and inspire. Find a resource today to help you feel hopeful, resilient and optimistic.

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