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Tip#1093: What Does Family Mean to You? Part 9 - Grandma

Today is Mother’s Day and I’m sending out my love to my awesome mom and also her mother who recently turned 100 years old! And though I wish I could be with them both I am so happy my mom is able to celebrate with my grandmother where she lives in sunny Santa Barbara.

The most recent time I saw my grandma (Lola) was at Christmas 2013 and she looked really good and healthy. I am thrilled and in awe that she continues to live a rich, full life! And yet, as in all families, there are ups and downs within relationships among the generations that followed my grandma.

And despite whatever adversities we all face in our families I believe there is always a silver lining. There is always a chance to heal fractured relationships with love and the strength to let go of past pain. These are powerful themes that can be reflected brightly in the movies we see!

Grandma (2015)

The comedy drama film, Grandma, is about an abrasive, strong-willed, widowed poet named Elle (Lily Tomlin) who takes her granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner) on an adventure across Los Angeles in search of the cash she needs to terminate her unwanted pregnancy. All the performances are wonderful in this emotionally engaging story about supporting and understanding family. See: movie trailer

Seeing this hidden gem reminded me of experiencing the Toronto International Film Festival for the first time because of the unexpected power of a simple story told in a low budget movie. Their adventure on the road is actually an unexpected ride to the heart of what family is all about. Tomlin is absolutely outstanding and funny in her role. Her interactions with everyone she encounters is both heartwarming and delightfully uncomfortable especially with her granddaughter Sage and her estranged daughter Judy (Marcia Gay Harden).

Compassion and forgiveness ultimately shine through as inspirational reasons to see this film. The love between mother, grandmother and daughter prevails despite the acidic feelings in their long term relationships. This film can give you a hopeful vision that any family can heal.

If you have a family with challenging relationships and hurtful memories that seem impossible to heal remember there is always hope. No matter what, do your best to envision healing, compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love to flow into your relationships. And if you need a boost remember to watch an uplifting film about family to help you believe!

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Tip#1093: What Does Family Mean to You? Part 9 - Grandma 

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