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Tip#1092: How To Feel Good When You Feel Horrible, Part 3 - Game Night

I recently put closure on a situation that caused much anxiety and stress for over three months. This heavy weight in my thoughts required daily guided audio meditations to calm me down. And yet on the evening of the day I finally faced my fears head on I was able to laugh while talking to a supportive friend over the telephone. It was an amazing, pivotal moment full of lightness, relief and unexpected joy!

I don’t remember having been able to laugh like that in the past few months but I do remember days I was able to park the anxiety for awhile and allow myself to focus on work and life and just feel good. I was able to increase my positive emotional energy thanks to my joy of cooking and delicious foods, hot showers, long walks outdoors, being with friends and, of course, the pure fun of watching movies!

Game Night (2018)

The black comedy film, Game Night, is about Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) and their friends for weekly game night that find themselves caught in a real-life mystery game. This hilarious movie has many funny performances mixed with big action scenes and a slew of classic game and movie references! See: movie trailer 
There is a long action scene that is one continuous shot involving a Fabergé egg that is so exciting once you realize it is one shot. This exemplifies how clever I found this comedy especially with so many references to games I grew up with and fun movie references the friends discuss. And some of the characters do and say stupid things that made me laugh out loud!

And that mirrored the anxious, ruminating thoughts I recently experienced that had disappeared once I was able to finally laugh about my situation. The movie reminded me that no matter how dark that cloud was over my head that feel-good times, relief and laughter will always return.

So anytime you are feeling some long-term stress and anxiety remind yourself of the power of laughter. Remind yourself of feel-good activities and loving, social support that can lift you up and provide you with hope and lightness. And always remind yourself of how comedy films can pump up your positive emotional energy and make you smile a really big smile!

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Tip#1092: How To Feel Good When You Feel Horrible, Part 3 - Game Night

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