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Tip#1066: Facing Your Fears, Part 2 - Thor: Ragnarok

This has been an amazing, surreal week of epiphanies and synchronicities that came from TV shows and movies I saw. And the common thread was about how to face some kind of fear or darkness whether it’s outside or inside our selves. Here’s what unfolded for me, I hope it inspires you to face your fears too.

When I finished my new website THE ART OF EMMANUEL LOPEZ I started to identify some deep-rooted fears I buried about my art that I believe have been holding me back in areas of my life and career. I also realized these fears surface every few years feeling like the time loop in the film Groundhog Day. I keep facing and burying these blocks over and over again.

Star Trek: Discovery (2017)
“Magic To Make The Sanest Man Go Mad”

This epiphany happened the same day I watched the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery called “Magic To Make The Sanest Man Go Mad”. It was a fantastic episode of the crew trying to break out of a time loop much like Groundhog Day. In order to break free the series lead character, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), must admit a secret about herself that no one knows about. This moment touched me and is also part of why I love this controversial new Star Trek series. Each episode has relatable life lessons, teamwork themes as well as visually stunning cinematic look!

Happy Death Day (2017)

Synchronicities continued to flow at a rapid pace as I felt compelled to watch the horror film Happy Death Day. It’s another entertaining take on the Groundhog Day time loop concept and I was highly aware the universe was telling me something important! Once again the hero learns through every loop something new to finally break free. She had to face her fears over and over again. In doing so she increased her knowledge, resourceful thinking, confidence and courage.

Stranger Things 2 (2017)

Soon afterwards I felt my intuition tell me to watch Netflix’s Stranger Things 2. As each episode unfolded I could feel something slowly awaken inside me with the show’s concepts of a darkness growing below the town like giant black vines. One of the main kids Will (Noah Schnapp) is psychically connected with this darkness and is in physical pain when this creature is attacked.

Thankfully he is able to sketch hundreds of drawings of what it looks like. How his family and friends piece together all these drawings is brilliant and staggering. When the pattern is revealed I realized this was a huge mirror for the darkness within me. It’ll keep growing and growing if I don’t deal with it.

I was realizing that my deep-rooted fears are like the monstrous underground roots of the dark creature in Stranger Things 2 and will continue to grow if I don’t stop it. I’ve also experienced stomach pains throughout the years but they have increased recently. This is why I’ve been exploring a high alkaline diet (see: tip#1056) to solve this and depression symptoms. I now believe these pains are connected with these subconscious fears or trapped emotions I’ve already been exploring to heal (see tip#839).

Meditation & Prayer for Guidance

First steps I’ve been taking to face my fears is in my morning meditations and prayers. I’ve been asking for guidance and any key therapies I can immediately apply. I’ve been using my Future Self meditation (see tip#759) as well as a new guided meditation with beautiful, cinematic music which I recommend: MEET YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE. Guided Meditation & Spiritual Retreat for your Soul

Very quickly, two results came out of my meditations. The first was having a friend on Facebook connect me with a free webinar by Dr. Matt James talking about his therapy called Mental Emotional Release. While listening to this one hour discussion I could feel a light of epiphany flicker inside me as he talked about the priority of facing and healing unresolved deep-rooted issues if we are to fully move forward in life.

Article by Dr. Matt James: Here’s a Quick Way to Ditch Emotional Baggage

All of these events helped me start facing my fears and admit to myself that the subconscious issues within me will continue to sabotage the success I want in life and work. This week was so surreal in what unfolded and this led to the second result. It was the perfect timing of seeing a superhero film on opening day that mirrored the idea of facing the darkness as well as help me re-energize in a fantastical, colourful world for a few hours!

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

The superhero film, Thor: Ragnarok, continues the story of Marvel Comics’s Thor (Chris Hemsworth) who must face his evil sister Hela, The Goddess of Death (Cate Blanchett) seeking to destroy his homeworld Asgard. This highly entertaining, visually rich and creative film also has a humorous tone thanks to the cast that includes Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo, Tessa Thompson, Jeff Goldblum, Anthony Hopkins and the director Taika Waititi voicing the hilarious CGI character Korg. See: movie trailer

The first benefit of seeing this film was that it was super fun! I felt immersed in a uniquely flavoured space opera thanks to New Zealand director and actor Taika Waititi and an 80’s synth soundtrack. I loved the use of Led Zepplin’s Immigrant song in the film and the trailer! The different planets featured were also so sumptuous to the eyes and Hela’s character was both frightening and riveting on-screen. The surprise cameos were also a delight!

The second benefit came from recognizing the clear separation of the dark characters from the light that mirrored my recent recognition of the hidden dark parts of myself. Hela’s existence was hidden from Thor and his brother Loki by their father King Odin which she revealed with a painting of herself being covered up on the ceiling of the Asgard Palace. This revelation mirrored the unearthing of my subconscious fears. I was actually enjoying these revelations! Once again an amazing cinematic experience entertained, inspired and empowered me to know that I am on the right path.

I also need to share that this movie reminded me that teamwork is always key to success. Teamwork with trusted allies, friends and family was a big factor for facing overwhelming challenges especially those that seemed hopeless. Teamwork and supportive relationships was an important theme not only in Thor: Ragnarok but also in the Star Trek: Discovery episode, Happy Death Day film and Stranger Things 2 series that I was compelled to watch this week.

So remember that facing your own fears and darkness doesn’t have to done alone. You have the resources already in front of you in the form of inspiration from films and TV shows you enjoy as well as people, friends and family that could be part of your success team. And if you really feel stuck then be open to prayer and meditation to receive answers. This will truly be proof that you are never alone in your problems!

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