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Tip#1033: Grace Under Pressure - 89th Academy Awards - Jordan Horowitz, La La Land Producer

This has been a rough week as I’d been sick in bed with the flu. It hit me out of the blue and unfortunately I didn’t have the strength to write this blog. Thankfully I am feeling better after a lot of rest and dedicated remedies for recovery.

The day prior to getting the flu I had a very enjoyable interview by Positive Practitioner Sandra Centorino on her Sandra Centorino Live Show. WINTER BLUES, DEPRESSION, MOVIES & INDESTRUCTIBLE OPTIMISM were the themes discussed and here are highlights with time codes if you want to jump to these parts: See interview

• Introduction 3:00
• How movies saved my life 6:00
• Growing up 10:00
• Being diagnosed with clinical depression 16:00
• Creative Coping Strategies (exercise, nutrition, cooking) 20:00
• How the mind can fool you 34:00
• What depression looks like, Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban 36:00
• Groundhog Day movie inspires 39:00
• Creative coping strategy: Emmanuel created a movie montage & original song to cope with depression 45:00
• La La Land movie inspires 54:00

Oscars 2017

On February 26th, the night of the Oscars, I just wanted to curl up in bed but felt compelled to watch the entire show right until the very end. I am so glad I found the strength because it was the most shocking, surreal moment in Oscar history! I, along with the rest of the world, watched as La La Land was awarded Best Picture but then suddenly having to hand it over to Moonlight. See: entire scene

It was a fiasco with host Jimmy Kimmel, award presenter Warren Beatty and the cast and producers of La La Land inter-mixing with the stunned cast and producers of Moonlight on stage. And yet what emerged was the extraordinary grace under pressure and leadership that La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz demonstrated as he immediately took charge on stage. See video: Jordan Horowitz talks

I wasn’t sure who he was at the time but I just knew Horowitz was a shining light amongst the chaos during live TV. He exuded a commanding presence and was clearly the silver lining of this confusing situation. Horowitz had said he was friends with the producers of Moonlight and just wanted to give them their moment.

His strength and luminous integrity showed that Hollywood was a loving, supportive community of one another. This attitude was also reflected throughout the Oscars show and it would leave me inspired for days after the show.

And on that positive thought I am returning to bed and continue to rest up. I hope that this story of grace under pressure inspires you in some way today!

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