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Tip#1034: Your Power to Heal, Part 2 – Logan

It’s been over two weeks with the flu and am finally feeling my strength returning. I really had to take the time to rest. During this time I believe I’ve been going through what’s called “spiritual flu” where my body has been clearing and purging itself of toxins, old fears and other stuck emotions. Here’s a link to more info I discovered after meditation for guidance: The Spiritual Flu by Mellissa Seaman

During the past two weeks I also felt a disconnection to my purpose, drive and writing this blog. That feeling is like my body and mind being offline while my internal operating system is getting an upgrade just like a computer. I currently feel like an empty cup again (see Tip#152)!

And once again I synchronistically saw a movie that seemed to mirror and speak to me deeply about the healing I am going through. And to my surprise it actually connects directly to part 1 of this blog title, “Your Power to Heal”!

Logan (2017)

The superhero, action, drama film, Logan, continues the story of X-Men’s Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) now older in a bleak future on one final mission with an ailing Professor X/Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and an 11 year old mutant named Laura/X23 (Dafne Keen). This brutal and emotional chapter is filled with exciting action scenes and touching moments especially for fans of these X-Men characters. See: movie trailer 

The dark vision of this film was actually painful to watch at first because I was seeing powerful characters I’ve loved for years now suffering from old age and a breakdown of their superpowers. A frail Xavier now has an uncontrollable, destructive mental condition while Logan’s cellular rejuvenation powers are slowly dying. All this seemed to mirror what I was feeling during the delirious condition of my flu.

Despite these personal challenges of these heroes they persevere and stay resilient to help Laura escape the villains trying to capture her. Laura not only stands out as a new, ferocious young superhero but also paves the way for a positive future of X-Men movies. In the end this film inspired me to trust in my own healing powers and that no matter what changes I need to make in my life and work that all will be brightly optimistic despite being in my 50’s. As Xavier says in the film to Logan...  

“You still have time.” 

If you are dealing with an illness whether it’s mental, physical or emotional then trust in your power to heal. Trust your inner voice, in professional healthcare services as well as alternative healing practices you feel drawn to. Your body is an amazing gift as long as you remember to love yourself and trust in the time needed to feel empowered again!

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