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Tip#983: The Power of Emotional Release, Part 2 - Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru

“Out of pain comes unbelievable strength.” 
Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru

This summer has been both amazingly beautiful and brutal. House sitting and tending the lush green garden with warm, sunshine weather has been rejuvenating and re-energizing. At the same time I’ve had to deal with the unexpected death of a friend (tip#981), death of a stray cat (tip#977), sciatica pain (tip#979), tennis elbow, a fractured tooth and family issues that made me aware of long term suppressed anger I needed to deal with. And I knew somehow all of these situations were connected and the future of my life and career depended on releasing inner blocks and trapped emotions. I have found that personal growth intensive seminars can be an effective method.

If you've attended any personal growth program or retreat then you know how powerful they can be. Over the years I have attended T. Harv Eker’s The Millionaire Mind Intensive twice (tip#465) and The Mastery of Self Expression (tip#538 and tip#351) and each time my life has been transformed. These events allowed me to slowly peel away layers within me like an onion of issues stemming from childhood. These layers were blocking joyful experiences I wanted in my relationships with family, finances and mental health.

I’ve also been curious to what taking a seminar with Tony Robbins would be and now I (and you) get a chance with his Netflix documentary. All motivational speakers and workshop facilitators have different styles and now you can see if Robbins and his program is what you need to shake up your life and mindset for the better!

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru (2016)

The documentary film, Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru, is a behind-the-scenes look at "Date With Destiny" a six day seminar facilitated by internationally renowned author and motivational speaker Tony Robbins. This movie is filled with intense, emotional moments of individuals revealing personal issues they want to be free of and the methods Robbins uses for them to understand, embrace and let go of these blocks. See: movie trailer

For years I’ve had an undefined fear about Tony Robbins and seeing him in action in this film helped me see that what I feared is what needs to come out within me. His intensity, tenacity and lion-like assertiveness mirrored trapped emotions within me wanting to come out such as suppress/unexpressed anger since childhood. Robbins fierceness is shocking (so many F-bombs!) and yet highly effective. Seeing the courage of individuals highlighted in this movie inspired my own courage to go even deeper within myself then I’ve ever done before!

The film is not an in-depth look at the person behind Tony Robbins but is more a taste of what his programs are like. Yes you could see it as a two hour advertisement but I highly recommend you view it through an optimistic mindset and see how its insights and emotional scenes provide answers for your own life and work problems. Issues like painful relationships, abuse and suicide are addressed. Allow these personal stories to stir up your own emotions and insights of what you could do to improve your perspective of who you are and your inner strengths. And keep watching the show past the end credits for an amazing bonus scene!

Documentaries can inspire you to look at yourself in a whole new light. They can give you real-life examples of people with the courage to overcome painful, life-long challenges. They can also demonstrate methods of personal growth that could inspire you to utilize. Let documentaries and their heroes motivate you to be a courageous, fearless lion!

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