Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tip#981: See New Perspectives - Now You See Me 2

I attended the most amazing memorial for my friend Caryl Herbert who unexpected passed away from cancer. It was onboard a cruise ship on Lake Ontario that sailed through the Toronto Islands on a gorgeous sunny, breezy August Monday. And since she was part of several singing groups there were many friends performing songs and encouraged us all to sing along. The warm summer air was filled with songs by the Beach Boys, Del Shannon, Elton John and The Beatles.

It was a different perspective to celebrate someone’s life instead of their death in such a wonderful setting. Being on the water and seeing the lush green of the island trees warmed each of our souls. There were moments of tears and yet more laughter and smiles as I met new people and shared our memories of our absent friend.

I first met her at The Gift Circle Meetup group (see tip#683) back in the summer of 2013 and later organized movie nights at her luxurious condo theatre (see tip#707). It was a time where friends made from the Gift Circle could reconnect and enjoyed good food, good conversation and uplifting films like Groundhog Day, The Artist and Christmas in Connecticut. These memories and Caryl's generous, supportive spirit is what I'll hold close to my heart when I think of my friend.

Now You See Me 2 (2016)

The thriller film, Now You See Me 2, continues the adventures of illusionists, The Four Horsemen, who resurface from hiding and are forced into performing an almost impossible heist. This entertaining movie is filled with exciting magic tricks, illusions and twists and features returning actors Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. It also welcomes new additions Lizzy Caplan, Daniel Radcliffe, Jay Chou and Sanaa Lathan. See: movie trailer 

I loved the first film, Now You See Me, and the second part continues the beautiful reveals of how seemingly impossible performances were done once a new perspective is shown. At first I thought these events were far-fetched or ridiculously impossible and yet once most were explained I was amazed and wanted to see the film again from the new perspective. These are life lessons from the cinema that always inspires me to see problems or sad situations from a new vantage point. And I think my friend Caryl would have enjoyed this movie because it was fun, entertaining and had a sense of wonder to it.

Yes, there will be sad and unhappy days we all go through. To turn your attitude around let movies and movie heroes demonstrate how to see these situations from a new perspective. Turn on your optimistic mindset and see the positives in the negatives in front of you. Films can help take you out of your reality for awhile and return you re-energized and with new eyes to see with! 

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