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Tip#945: Believe in Miracles, Part 2 - Health & Wellness - Miracles from Heaven

I believe in miracles because so many little unexpected gifts have come into my life when I needed them most. It could be a message or item from a stranger or even the perfect movie I needed when I was feeling lost or down. And I believe a miracle came during the recent Easter I was missing my Dad whose birthday coincided with the weekend (see tip#943).

My low feelings that weekend also included symptoms of clinical depression which amplified thoughts of hopelessness and death. And though I’ve been training myself to remind myself these are distorted thoughts thanks to my CBT therapy (see tip#863) I was compelled to pray for help. I prayed to God and my Dad to give me the definitive answer to free me of the mental illness that’s been my journey for over 20 years.

Dr. Josh Ax & Leaky Gut Syndrome

On the evening of Easter Monday I lay in bed with my iPhone and was compelled to google “leaky gut syndrome” and immediately found an article by Dr. Josh Ax called “7 Signs and Symptoms You Have Leaky Gut”. This then led me to another article called, “4 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disease”. Here I found a list of key foods I resonated deeply with to add to my diet such as Bone Broth, Coconut Oil and wild-caught fish like salmon. See a list of what my diet looks like on Instagram: The Film Food Friends Project

Every moment since that evening I’ve been so focused and passionate about researching everything I could about gut health, bone broth and then purchased a new crock pot and made my first batch of beef bone broth using the highest quality apple cider vinegar. I also added virgin coconut oil, aloe vera juice and wild caught salmon to my daily diet. I was so excited that I began documenting this new lifestyle change with photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Looking back I realized this was the definitive answer I was praying for to solve my depression. The irony was that I was always on the right path with my previous discoveries with Dr. Perlmutter’s Brain Maker book (see tip#880) and his gut/brain connection with depression. I also wrote in the previous post my intuition was confirmed that clinical depression can be attributed to long-term nutritional deficiency (see tip#944).

And even though there will always be a difference of opinion with people about diets in the world I am trusting my gut (pun intended) to continue down this road. All I have to do is maintain my faith that this new lifestyle change will lead to increasing the feeling of my old, energized self that I know and love!

Miracles from Heaven (2016)

The drama film, Miracles from Heaven, is based on the true story of Christy Beam’s (Jennifer Garner) young daughter Anna (Kylie Rogers) and her near death experience and miraculous healing after a painful journey with an incurable disease. This faith-based movie features an outstanding performance by Garner as well as Rogers with many emotional, heartfelt moments. See: movie trailer

Both the mother and daughter demonstrated great strengths like perseverance, resilience, courage and optimism and yet they also showed they had their limits. Christy loses her faith in God and her church so this story is as much about her journey as it is with Anna’s difficult road to finding a proper diagnosis and treatment. I found this fascinating because the trailers made this film appear to be focused on her miraculous healing and near death experience when it is only a small, but important, part of the movie. The journey is the story and all the little miracles that came to this family when they needed them most.

Inspiring Themes:
• Having Faith
• Passion
• Perseverance
• Resilience
• Indestructible Optimism
• Leadership
• Family & Community
• Supportive Relationships

I cried during many scenes of this film. When these moments happen in any movie I know I am resonating with something I just saw and am releasing some kind of trapped emotion within me (see tip#912). I was also amazed at the synchronicity of aspects with Anna’s disease being related to the stomach, gut, intestines and nutrition which I’ve been exploring for myself.

Ultimately this film reminded me that I am never alone on my journey with depression. I was also reminded to keep believing in the little miracles that come into my life. These gifts always help me maintain my vision that everything in my life, relationships and career will be okay despite the challenges that block my way. I hope this movie can lift you up in some way too.

The films you discover or drawn to can re-energize your spirit and drive. Movies can help you stay resilient even when things look hopeless. They can even remind you to find faith again and believe in miracles. And miracles do happen if you let yourself be open to them. One miracle may already be in front of you right now!

Read more of what was true and changed for the Miracles from Heaven movie: History vs Hollywood

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