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Tip#944: Passion is Fuel, Part 5 - Food Films - Spinning Plates

I love food! I love how delicious foods excite all my senses like sight, smell and taste. I love how meals are more enjoyable when shared with friends and family. And I love how certain meals trigger my happy childhood memories like seeing, hearing and smelling morning bacon and eggs frying up on the stove! My passion for food has also helped kept me resilient and optimistic for many years!

The irony is that I’ve had a gut feeling (pun unintended) that my diet over the years has contributed to my journey with clinical depression that has increased over the past 20 years. Ever since I read Brain Maker book by Dr. Perlmutter (see tip#880) I’ve strongly felt that I’ve been suffering from a long-term nutritional deficiency. I still feel there are also psychological blocks feeding my depression symptoms so I continue to work with solutions, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), without the aid of anti-depressants (see tip#863).

 I'm with Vernon Chang aka MoVernie, Celebrity TV Host and Stephanie Blok of HotDishPR

That’s why it felt like another synchronistic gift that I got invited to the Now Foods health information event organized by Stephanie Blok of HotDishPR. We met for the first time just the day before at her other fantastic event 360 Gourmet (see tip#939) through my friend and client Steffi Black, Life & Career Coach. The presentation was by Marva Ward, National Product Educator & Trainer and it took place at Toronto’s Coco Lezzone where I, along with a clan of social media promoters, were treated to nutritional insights and delicious, rustic-chic Italian food!

I'm with Marva Ward, National Product Educator & Trainer

I was initially excited to just be in this social environment because the social factor really helps reduce my depression symptoms which were very high that day. But then the thought of meeting new people and having some succulent dishes motivated me to get out and brave the rainy day. The bonus was talking one-on-one with Marva and learning that she believes what I believe about solving my mental health challenges. She said that clinical depression is most likely caused by long-term nutritional deficiency and she had many "buried" studies to back this up.

Hearing Marva say this moved me deeply and I felt more encouraged and enthusiastic to continue doing whatever I need to do to change my diet and lifestyle to feel fully alive again! I celebrated this soul-stirring moment with the wonderful gift bag of Now products we all received and dined on an array of delicious foods. There was also a flurry of photos being taken of each dish by myself and my newly met social media colleagues!

Spinning Plates (2012)

The documentary film, Spinning Plates, is about three restaurants and the people behind them and how food draws families and communities together. There is the small Mexican restaurant, La Cocina de Gabby, Breitbach’s Country Dining and Alina a fine dining restaurant. The film is filled with wonderful, tantalizing images of food as well as heartfelt stories of the chefs and their passion for serving others. See: movie trailer

Quotes from the film:

 “Why do you go to a restaurant? To be entertained, to enjoy yourself, to celebrate.” 

“Food is at once art, at once craft and at once science.” 

“This is an adventure, every customer is a guest in my house.” 

“It’s more like a community center than anything!” 

“Food has become the resource to survival for us.” 

“We’re doing all this for family.” 

This fantastic film not only celebrates three different approaches to the culinary arts it also highlights the overwhelming adversities the chefs of each restaurant faced. One faced the burning down of their restaurant while another faced cancer and the possibility of never being able to taste again. The stories show that family and the strong sense of community were part of the solutions for perseverance, resilience and indestructible optimism! More: Spinning Plates website

Inspiring Themes:
• Having a Vision
• Creativity
• Passion
• Perseverance
• Resilience
• Indestructible Optimism
• Leadership
• Teamwork
• Sense of Family & Community
• Supportive Relationships
• Entrepreneurial Spirit

If food is a passion of yours then celebrate that passion everyday! And remember how food can cultivate a wonderful sense of family and community with good people supporting you. And if you are dealing with depression or difficult times your passions can keep you energized and positive. Passion is your fuel to face any challenge in your workplace, health challenges and in life!

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Tip#944: Passion is Fuel, Part 5 - Food Films - Spinning Plates

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