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Tip#939: Share a Passion for Film, Food & Friends – 360 Gourmet - Burnt

I absolutely loved the foodie movie Burnt despite all the negative reviews it received. I feel it has so many lessons for life and the workplace and it's also a food lovers delight! So imagine my own thrill to meet two other people who also loved the movie at a gourmet event I recently attended.

Jeremy J. Parsons, Master Mixologist and Stephanie Blok, Director of Communications are the founders of 360 Gourmet where you get to experience a gourmet dinner, interact with the chef and come home with the ingredients and recipes. At their recent event curated by Toronto’s Nao Steakhouse I immediately bonded with Jeremy once I mentioned the film Burnt and he expressed his enthusiasm for it. He said it had so much passion, grit, intensity, stress, love and was so real in what happens in the kitchen.

I'm with Jeremy J. Parsons, Master Mixologist and Stephanie Blok, Director of Communications, 360 Gourmet
I'm with Steffi Black, Life & Career Coach and Sara Waxman, Editor in Chief, Dine Magazine

I'm with Ellen Douglas, Managing Director & Senior Producer, Re:Source Media Inc, Steffi Black, Life & Career Coach and Michel

Jeremy then mentioned that Stephanie also loved the film and we later chatted about her excitement for the movie. This set up the extraordinary culinary experience I had that unfolded with bespoke cocktails, course wine pairing and the four course seated dinner by Nelson Tsai, Chef de Cuisine, NAO Steakhouse. Each course was a joy to visually see and then savour with each delicious bite. Overall the exquisite meal was matched only in the joy of meeting wonderful new people and sharing our passions for food, drink and movies!

Burnt (2015)

The drama film, Burnt, is about self-centered, arrogant yet talented chef Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) who destroyed his career in Paris and seeks redemption in London with his vision to create a three star Michelin restaurant with his original team. This energetic movie features great performances by its cast and overflowing images of delicious food being created in fine dining settings. See: movie trailer

Adam starts out as a flawed leader and a very unlikable person. He is ruthless, arrogant, physically abusive, heartless, foul-mouthed and, well, you get the point. And yet members of his original team, like maitre d’ ((Daniel Brühl) and new recruit Helene (Sienna Miller) all follow Adam because they believed in his vision and passion. Having a strong vision and passion are top leadership qualities and the film demonstrates many other lessons in what to do and not to do in leadership. Ultimately Adam's journey shows that team spirit and teamwork is the only way to achieve a dream or goal.

Quotes from the film about vision & team spirit:

“My kitchen is going to be the best in the world and we’re going to get the 3rd star.” 

“Have you ever seen that movie Seven Samurai? That’s how I want my chefs to be.” 

“We should be dealing in culinary orgasms.” 

“You can’t do this alone. There’s strength in needing others. Not weakness.” 

“We do what we do. And we do it together.” 

There is so much that I loved about this film. The exciting images of food and meals being prepared were mouth-watering to behold! And wait until you see two tantalizing cakes Adam creates. You also see how he is constantly learning about other foods being made in the city to improve his culinary creations. In the end I was moved by the sense of family and love that develops among the restaurant team and of Adam’s difficult road to learning his life lessons for redemption.

Inspiring Themes:
• Having a Vision
• Passion
• Perseverance
• Resilience
• Indestructible Optimism
• Strategic Thinking & Planning
• Leadership
• Teamwork
• Sense of Family
• Supportive Relationships
• Redemption
• Entrepreneurial Spirit
• Product Development

Movies and food can inspire and motivate especially if you have a passion for them! These pleasure activities can lift your spirits whenever you feel down and activate your excitement, enthusiasm and positivity. Ultimately shared passions can connect you with like minded-people. After all movies and food tastes better when shared!

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