Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Tip#935: The Uplifting Power of Nostalgia, Part 4 – Logan’s Run

Growing up in the 70’s I remember enjoying regular trips to movie theatres with my dad, mom, brother and sister. One of the biggest theatres at the time was the University Theatre on Bloor St. near Bay St. in downtown Toronto. It was beautiful inside and I can almost smell the hot buttered popcorn in the lobby thinking of it!

I remember seeing Logan’s Run there when it was released in 1976 with the family and loving it. The science fiction images of the futuristic city and contraptions excited me! Every time I hear Jerry Goldsmith’s amazing music soundtrack I am instantly transported back to that first screening. I also had a teenage crush on actress Jenny Agutter because of her memorable short skirts and beautiful legs! It also starred Farrah Fawcett-Majors who was a big pin-up girl at the time thanks to her popularity in the Charlie’s Angels TV show.

I recently watched a BluRay version for the first time in decades and really enjoyed revisiting so many iconic images and scenes I loved about the film. And though much of it felt dated (hairstyles and special effects) it still brought me back to happy childhood memories seeing it at the University Theatre.

Logan’s Run (1976)

The science fiction film, Logan’s Run, takes place in the year 2274 where remnants of human civilization live until the age of 30 in a sealed domed city. Logan 5 (Michael York) is a Sandman, a type of police, who must escape being terminated with the help of Jessica 6 (Jenny Agutter). At the time of this film’s release it showcased many visually stunning and inventive science fiction sets and elements. See: movie trailer

If you enjoyed seeing this film back in the 70’s then you may fondly remember terms like Renew, Carrousel, Life-clock, New You Shop and Sanctuary. Peter Ustinov also gives a funny, memorable performance as the Old Man. Sadly the University Theatre is long gone but the building still stands and is now a Pottery Barn store. And though the theatre has passed my memories are still strong and alive whenever I remember a film I saw there like Logan’s Run.

Movies, like music, can instantly bring you back to happy times in your childhood. They can fill you with positive emotional energy! They can help re-energize you if you are feeling down or a little lost in life. Revisit a favourite movie today and remember the indelible, joyful textures and memories of the first time you saw it!

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Anonymous said...

I actually just saw this for the first time a few weeks back. I had never heard of it before until I watched it out of curiousity. I was actually very impressed. Yes, the effects were dated but still good enough that I was transported into the story. The water steps at the end of the film were beautiful. Apparently it's a water garden in Fort Worth Texas that is still active. Timely review - thanks!!

Dave M