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Tip#936: Cultivate Community, Part 12 - Zootopia

“No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you.” 
Zootopia (2016)

I feel so blessed living most of my life in Toronto Canada! It is a true mosaic and melting pot of ethnic cultures and diversity of peoples. Asian, South-Asian, Filipino, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Middle Eastern and so many more groups call Toronto their home. The diverse foods and restaurants are an absolute delight and I’ve always felt safe in this beautiful, great city!

Growing up though, I did experience racism and prejudice from other kids and bullies. Being short and a visible minority as a child led to hurtful taunts and beatings in predominantly white grade schools. Thankfully as an adult I’ve enjoyed a warmer sense of community and equality living in Toronto and cities I’ve visited like Las Vegas and New York City.

However, racism and prejudice are still a hot topic as the term whitewashing has been in the news due to Hollywood’s lack of diversity in Oscar nominees for the 88th Academy Awards this year. The host Chris Rock and his opening monologue (along with many other presenters) boldly addressed the lack of black representation at the Oscars which helped bring global attention to increasing the diversity (see transcript of monologue). One day I hope that lack of diversity, racism and prejudice are no longer an issue on this planet. This is a glorious vision I always hold in my heart.

Zootopia (2016)

The animated family film, Zootopia, is about a city of anthropomorphic animals where a bunny named Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) seeks to help make the world a better place as the first bunny police officer. With the help of a fox named Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) they help solve a case that helps eliminate an unexpected epidemic of racism among the diverse animals in the city. The performances, characters and gorgeous detail of the city settings are all astounding and rich to see! See: movie trailer

This highly entertaining film takes place in a visually stunning world where predators and prey of all shapes and sizes have lived together in peace for 100’s of years. And without the film being preachy it successfully and creatively addresses racism and prejudice in our world today. You’ll see how Judy and Nick each faced racism as kids which were very emotional and moving scenes. Together they heal the hurt and help build a stronger community.

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This is such an important film for all ages young and old to see. I believe it ought to be screened at every grade school around the world. And I agree with the film review headline on that Zootopia is The Best Family Film about Racism You’ll Ever See!

Family films can share vital messages and help educate people of all ages and cultures on key factors to make our world a better place. See these films and let them touch your heart and heal your own hurts of past experiences. Let these movies show you how you can cultivate a more supportive loving community wherever you live!

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