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Tip#914: Believe In Magic During The Holidays, Part 2 – CBC Radio’s Fresh Air Show - Christmas Eve

Despite the two challenges with my laptop and fractured tooth I wrote about in tip#913 I was simultaneously writing and completing a new eBook, rebuilding my website and doing an interview with CBC Radio’s Fresh Air Show. The common factor that kept me energized were the supportive relationships of the past two weeks AND a little bit of magic!

For the eBook I had an accountability coach from Unleashed Possibilities really pushed me to get this project done in time for the holidays. And when I got stuck trying to setup my website to sell the eBook I had tech people that helped me years ago I could contact for fast assistance. I also felt something divine guiding me! The eBook is called Movie Messages of Hope for The Holidays: 15 Films for Overcoming Depression & Difficult Times and now available for $2.99 via my new website:
For the CBC Radio interview, that resulted from a fantastic, amazing chain reaction of new connections...

PART 1: First I had a goal and vision to let people know of how I could help them with my movie knowledge and lessons learned to overcome clinical depression. See tip#908 for my press release story
PART 2: Next I went to Linkedin and sent introductions to people involved in the mental health awareness community. The Executive Director of Healthy Minds Canada quickly accepted my LinkedIn invitation and offered me tickets to her upcoming 10 Anniversary Silver Dinner Event. See: tip#907
PART 3: At this event I saw Mary Ito, host of CBC Radio One’s Fresh Air Show who was the emcee and put her on top of my list of media to contact.
PART 4: Soon after I attended a Dinnerspirations networking event (see tip#902) where I met a radio show producer who immediately offered to help me when in my introduction to the group announced my goal for letting people know of my services.

Now let's pause for a moment. What would you say if I mentioned that of all the radio shows this producer could have worked on that it was the one on the top of my list?

Yes, I was stunned to find out she was the producer for CBC Radio One’s Fresh Air Show and that just made me believe in Christmas magic and miracles even more! She loved my story and even arranged to pre-record my segment because I would be out of town for my annual Las Vegas vacation. My 10 minute segment will air on Sunday, December 20th sometime between 7:30-9am EST. You can hear it live via the top right tab “Listen Live” at this link: Fresh Air Show

There’s even more magic that happened leading up to the actual interview date but I’ll leave that for another time! All I can say is that I truly believe in miracles and that holiday magic is definitely in the air!

 With Fresh Air hosts Mary Ito and Sean Foley at CBC Radio One

Christmas Eve (2015)

The comedy drama, Christmas Eve, is about a power outage in New York City that traps six different groups of people inside elevators on Christmas Eve. Though total strangers they find unexpected joy, laughter, romance and holiday magic that gets them through their crisis. There are many wonderful performances that include Patrick Stewart, Jon Heder, Cheryl Hines, Gary Cole, Max Casella and Julianna Guill. See: movie trailer

This is another one of those stories that shows how a crisis can bring people together despite their differences and personalities. And the silver lining to being stuck is that some of these people are transformed in some meaningful way to look at life and work differently and joyfully.

Inspiring Themes:
• Indestructible Optimism
• Resilience
• Problem Solving
• Team Spirit
• Community
• Synchronicity & Serendipity

Whether you believe in holiday magic or not I hope you stay open to the synchronicity, serendipity and chance coincidences that could help you get unstuck in your life or work challenges. Be open to unexpected invitations and strangers that offer you wonderful opportunities and gifts. Most of all be open to the idea of magic this holiday season!

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Good interview! It's so hard getting any press coverage for individuals, isn't it! Good luck.