Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tip#875: Benefits of Box-Office Bombs, Part 2 - Aloha

“I think the sky is speaking to us. Something’s coming!” 
Aloha (2015)

I’ve recently been sick in bed with stomach pains, chills and fever. I couldn’t do anything and it felt aweful! The benefits and optimistic point of view is that I’ve learned to take better care of myself from online research on many different abdominal pains, symptoms and remedies. Plus I’ve lost a little weight from my gut area in just a few days!

Just before I got sick I saw the new Fantastic Four reboot which was a huge, disappointing experience. This epic failure was even disowned by the director via a twitter posting just before the film’s release. The benefits of this box-office bomb? As of this writing I’m still not sure. I am still fascinated by reading the reviews by critics and the audience. There’s even online articles identifying all the reshoots that the film went through by the blonde wig the character Sue Storm (actor Kate Mara) wears flipping from one scene to another!

I was then strangely inspired to watch another critical and box-office bomb by one of my heroes, writer and director Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire). Thankfully this turned out to be a pleasant surprise!

Aloha (2015)

The romantic comedy, Aloha, is about a struggling military contractor Brian (Bradley Cooper) who returns to Hawaii, the site of his greatest career triumphs for career. There he reconnects with ex- love (Rachel McAdams) while unexpectedly falling for quirky Air Force watchdog Captain Ng (Emma Stone). There was great chemistry with all the leads, a super soundtrack, great Cameron Crowe dialogue and gorgeous locations in Hawaii. See: movie trailer

The critics really savaged this film. One of the complaints was Emma Stone’s character being a quarter Hawaiian and not looking the part. This didn’t bother me nor the reported lack of Hawaiian actors in the film (which is not true as they have supporting roles). I was still thoroughly entertained, followed the story clearly and was genuinely moved by emotional moments. There are also magical moments of Hawaiian mysticism sprinkled throughout. For me, these are the benefits of a box-office bomb! Cameron Crowe is still my hero even if others feel he failed!

Inspiring Themes:
• Learning to communicate (body language)
• Supportive Relationships
• Integrity
• Respect of Cultural Beliefs
• Redemption

Not every film is going to be liked by someone. The benefits of a box-office or other films is that they affect you in a positive way, they motivate and inspire you, they add some sort of light into your life. So be cautious of what critics, audiences, co-workers, friends and even family say about a movie. That same film could make a huge difference in your life or career!

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Anonymous said...

Great point! When I had the opportunity to meet my long-time crush Kevin Costner, I told him how much I loved his acting (often criticized as “flat” where I see it as Gary Cooper restraint) and ALL his movies, including Water World! (But I have to admit Ishtar was really pretty awful ; )