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Tip#856: Cultivate Supportive Relationships, Part 3 - Mental Health - John Nash - Welcome to Me

A lot has happened in the three days since I posted my very personal blog article regarding my journey with depression in tip#855. I received many supportive comments from friends, professionals in the medical field and from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter of people thanking me for sharing my experiences. And, of this writing, the post has received over 200 views.

I was also saddened to hear the news of mathematician John Nash and his wife Alicia’s unexpected deaths. They were killed in a car accident on May 23, 2015. Their story was featured in the Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind which has been an ongoing inspiration for me. His story of coping with his mental illness keeps me resilient in dealing with extreme periods of depression. John and Alicia’s inspiring story of love and support will live on forever in their powerful movie.

There are many movies, both fiction and nonfiction, that can provide insights on what mental illness is like to better understand and support people dealing with depression and other mental health challenges. Here is the latest I’ve discovered.

Welcome to Me (2014)

The comedy drama film, Welcome to Me, is about Alice Klieg (Kristen Wiig) who has a borderline personality disorder and wins a Mega-Millions lottery helping her create a live talk show that is all about her. This film has a unique combination of being funny, heartbreaking while providing insights on someone with a mental illness. Wiig gives an amazing, quirky and heartfelt performance that is mesmerizing to see. See: movie trailer

The TV show Alice creates is fascinating because at first it seems ridiculous and uncomfortable to watch and yet you begin to see that it’s a form of creative therapy and catharsis for herself. And though her televised actions cause many consequences and hurts someone close to her Alice is clear enough in her mind to make things right. For despite Alice’s initial self-centred needs for creating her show she discovers that the friend who supported her for years was the most important factor for her.

Inspiring themes:
• Find your true calling no matter how unusual it might be
• Taking responsibility for your actions
• Supportive relationships
• Creative forms of catharsis & therapy
• Dealing with Depression (mental health)

Whether you are struggling with a mental health challenge or not remember the importance of cultivating supportive relationships. Getting through difficult times is easier when you know there are others that believe in you especially during times you are unable to believe in yourself.

Read a great review from Forbes:
'Welcome To Me' Shows Humor, Heartbreak In Mental Health Struggle

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