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Tip#839: Activate The Power of Your Mind, Part 3 - Trapped Emotions - Pleasantville

Ever since I saw the E-motion documentary (see tip#836) I have been feeling excited about finally solving my mental health and physical health issues. And I want to document what I'm learning on this blog in case you resonate with the resources, tools and methods that work for me. You can see the first 25 minutes of E-motion now: click here

One of people featured in E-motion that resonated with me deeply was Dr. Bradley Nelson where he talked about how trapped emotions in our bodies are the root cause for physical symptoms and diseases. He also talked about the Heart-Wall that is an energy field around one’s heart that contains unresolved or painful emotions from the past. I was so drawn to learning more that I found a one-hour video presentation of Dr. Nelson explaining more about his Emotion Code and the Heart-Wall. He also shares the science behind the energy frequencies generated by the heart. See: Everything You Need to Know About the Heart-Wall

That video inspired me to read Dr. Nelson’s best selling book The Emotion Code and was deeply moved by his generosity in offering it free as a PDF and audiobook (click here). This alternative healing information may seem like fantasy to some people but I believe in this. Through his studies of ancient medical practice and modern quantum physics, Dr. Nelson developed The Emotion Code to help clear negative energy that become trapped in the body during intense emotional events.

I felt my mind was being activated with excitement over what I was learning. In fact all this information was reminding me of one of my favourite movies and I watched it again recently and had a new AHA moment that it was all about trapped emotions!

Pleasantville (1998)

The fantasy comedy-drama film, Pleasantville, is about what happens when two modern day teenage siblings David/Bud (Tobey Maguire) and Jennifer/Mary Sue (Reese Witherspoon) are magically transported into a black & white 50’s sitcom called Pleasantville. What unravels is a visually stunning transformation of characters and settings into a world of colour. See: movie trailer 

This amazing movie has so many layers of social commentary and life lessons that it's on my top 5 favourite movies of all time. And yet after seeing the E-motion movie and reading the Emotion Code book did I fully recognize that trapped emotions was a core message of Pleasantville. When the black & white characters release a hidden or stuck emotion they turn to full colour! This includes the modern day siblings. The message is that releasing trapped emotions can lead to a whole new world of wonders AND a more enjoyable quality of living!

Activate the power of your mind to find the answers and resources you seek in life. There are many different roads towards healing and recovery. Choose the path that you resonate with even if others do not believe in it. And be inspired by movies that can show you how to free yourself of the trapped emotions holding you back!

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