Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tip#837: Be Open to Magical Messages, Part 2 – Song of the Sea

So many magical messages have been coming to me over the past few weeks. I believe this is the result of my own creative visualization techniques I’ve been applying to gain answers for improving my mental health and other challenges. One of those messages was to watch the E-motion documentary I wrote about in previous tip#836. The biggest message I learned from this film was that trapped emotions in my body and subconscious are secretly sabotaging areas of my life, work AND the root cause of depression periods.

Within days of first watching the E-motion movie I began doing new breathing exercises to re-activate brain chemistry with Matthew Gardner, Conflict Resolution Activator with Basix Brain Training PRO. We met at a recent motivational talk I gave and felt a connection that led to more magical messages he gave me for clearing my internal blocks. That then led to me connecting with his colleague, Julian Nalani Love, CEO and Founder of Basix Brain Training PRO via Facebook.

Julian than invited me to his seminar where, synchronistically, it was the same message I’d been receiving about clearing/transforming trapped emotions or memories! I learned more about the powerful re-energizing “G Breath” techniques as well as recognizing a higher, more uplifting purpose of my negative memories and emotions. That event felt like a dream come true and almost fantasy-like! Even the people I met were like-minded and passionate about quantum physics, personal growth and Sci Fi movies like me! Then to top off the week I was guided to watch a fantastic new animated film!

Song of the Sea (2014)

The Irish animated fantasy film, Song of the Sea, is about two young siblings who embark on a fantastic journey across a fading world of ancient legend and magic. Along the way Ben (David Rawle) discovers his mute sister Saoirse (Lucy O’Connell) is a Selkie, a mythological being that lives as a human on land and as a seal underwater. This blissful, heartwarming film is one of the most visually rich and magical stories I’ve ever seen! Every character, scenery and moment seemed to glow and vibrate on an unearthly level. Fantastic music soundtrack too that will take you to another world. See: movie trailer

Once again I received a magical message from a scene involving Macha the Owl Witch (Fionnula Flanagan). She has the ability to help take away a person’s negative emotions and pain and locked them in small jars. Then you see a room full of jars filled with negative images like storm clouds, rain and tornados. For me it was a wonderful metaphor and message for what I need to be aware of in my own life. I have jars like those inside me and it is my goal to release and transform those negative emotions and memories. That’s my vision!

Life can be a magical experience both in good times and bad. If you choose to focus on an awesome, positive vision of your future you can attract the magical messages to take you there. Just keep your heart and mind wide open for the way the messages arrive and then take action to move forward!

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