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Tip#836: Activate The Power of Your Mind, Part 2 - E-Motion

One important factor I’ve learned about movies is that people can be so passionately for or against a film. Every person will resonate differently so no one is either right or wrong by their choices or preferences. For me I grew up loving Sci Fi and fantasy movies like Star Wars in 1977 where I was introduced to concept of The Force. As Obi Wan Kenobi says, “It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.” 

As a teenager The Force excited my imagination and later as an adult I would learn, through many adversities in life, that The Force was very real. Then in 2006 movies like The Secret would introduce to me to the law of attraction and then What The Bleep Do We Know? film would blow my mind with its neuroscience and quantum physics concepts. I had seen The Matrix by this time so the idea of altering my reality and being able to rewrite or reprogram my life for the better thrilled me!

If you’ve been following this blog then you’ll know I’ve been creating Resilience Resources to share with others that have helped me cope and overcome depression and mental health challenges. My goal has always been to restore my health and get unstuck in various areas of my life and career. Thankfully this latest movie I discovered has rocked my world and excited my imagination for understanding the next level of The Force!

E-Motion (2014)

E-Motion is a factual documentary that explores how human emotions affect the physiology of the human body and how once negative emotions are replaced with positive emotions bona fide physical changes occur. A team of emotion experts from around the world share their wisdom and negative emotion clearing methods to show humanity the path to health and enlightenment (summary from IMDb). See: movie trailer

“When people are in pain in western medicine, we give them drugs to suppress that pain. When people have diseases, we give the medications to suppress the symptoms of those diseases when in reality those symptoms are the body crying out telling us there’s something wrong here.” 
Dr. Bradley Nelson, E-Motion

“I am absolutely convinced that it is our trapped emotions, traumas, anxieties and unprocessed life experiences that we hold in our nervous system that are the source of everything that ails us.” 
Sonia Choquette, E-Motion

There were so many health aspects and tips from this documentary that excited me that I watched it three times in three days. I’ve already implemented a healthier diet of more fruits and vegetables. I believe my love for Sci Fi and fantasy films kept my mind wide open to what others may call radical or unbelievable claims in this movie. For me it answered questions I’ve struggled with for years of why certain dreams and goals in my life, work and relationships seem caught in a loop very much like the film Groundhog Day.

If you resonate with what I’ve just shared then I highly recommend you see this film. Pick and choose any of the concepts, tips and methods that inspire or intrigue you. Let the film activate your imagination and the power of your mind. If you feel terminally stuck in your work or life your present thinking and beliefs may have got you there. Why not open your mind and try something new today!

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