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Tip#838: The Power of Acknowledgement, Part 2 – Mental Health in the Workplace - What Women Want

I recently attended the memorial for an old friend and colleague where I reconnected with other people I hadn’t seen in years. One friend was from high school and when I opened up about my recent challenges with depression he felt at ease to share his own experiences. We both really appreciated that we could acknowledge one another’s mental health struggles in a compassionate way.

Thankfully attitudes in the workplace have been increasing to focus more on mental health awareness. Online articles, surveys and even social media like Twitter are regularly posting stats of how mental health is costing businesses billions per year. Here’s a Twitter example from Mood Disorders Society of Canada: Did u know that #mentalillness in the workplace costs #businesses over $20 billion per year? 

Anthony Folan, President of Integral HR Solutions Inc. recently published a short yet effective article on LinkedIn that says, “From an awareness standpoint, organizations must realize that they have a duty to accommodate employees that are suffering from mental illness.” See article: Mental Health in the Workplace

Acknowledgement is an important step for both employees and employers for understanding and recognizing mental health on a personal level AND that it ultimately builds supportive team spirit in the workplace. Examples of this can even be seen in the movies.

What Women Want (2000)

The romantic comedy film, What Women Want, is about what happens when a chauvinistic advertising executive/alpha male accidentally acquires the gift of hearing women’s thoughts. Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) at first uses this new ability for selfish reasons but soon develops a more compassionate attitude and a team spirit focus. There are many hilarious scenes and also brilliant results like the effective Nike ad campaign Nick brainstorms with newly appointed executive Darcy McGuire (Helen Hunt). See: movie trailer

A key sub-plot that demonstrates the power of acknowledgement with mental health involves an introverted, unhappy file assistant (Judy Greer) who Nick previously ignores at work. But as he finally looks at her and hears her thoughts she reveals her depression and thoughts of death. Nick’s new skills of observation, understanding and compassion leads him to helping her feel acknowledged and more enthusiastic in their workplace.

Films can be fantastic tools for creative visualization when it comes to showing examples of how movie characters develop their awareness for the well being of people around them. Be inspired to develop your own abilities to acknowledge others more effectively in the workplace and in life. Acknowledgement can empower individuals and lead to a stronger work environment!

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