Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tip#767: You Can Rewrite Your Life, Part 5 – I’ll Follow You Down

One of the most vivid dreams I ever had was about realizing my life was an experiment that was like a living comic book and that I get to create the story. The dream was more of an out-of-body experience and I felt so hyper aware I was given some higher truth to my existence that I started to sob deeply. When I awoke I was actually crying.

Recent time travel movies continued to remind me that I had the power to write or rewrite my life situations. X-Men Days of Future Past and Edge of Tomorrow both excited and moved me with how the movie heroes persevered through intense challenges in order to rewrite their present adversities into positive futures. Time travel movies always encourage me to see life from multiple perspectives!

I’ll Follow You Down (2014)

The science fiction drama film, I’ll Follow You Down, is about the emotional repercussions experienced by a scientist’s wife, son and grandfather when he mysteriously disappears. Years later a shocking discovery reveals that the scientist (Rufus Sewell) traveled back in time and unexpectedly created a time line his family was not suppose to experience. More drama than science fiction thrills this engaging film features a great cast including Haley Joel Osment, Gillian Anderson and Victor Garber. See: movie trailer

I do wish the film continued longer than where it ended and yet the story was still a very unique take on time travel movies. This film was thought provoking on how the decisions we make in life can have lasting effects on people around us either positive or negative. The story can remind you that each choice you make is a focal point in your life that will cause a ripple effect. Ultimately time travel movies like this one can remind you to be more mindful of others when you make a decision in your work and life.

The ability to rewrite your present challenges towards a positive future is one thing. Being able to rewrite it so that it also benefits others you love and who love you in return would be a fantastic goal to achieve!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Emmanuel, many years ago, I also realized that my life was an experiment, and it still is.

Thanks for the writing. It's very moving.

Time travelling movies are great. I like watching them too. Enjoy your day!