Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tip#764: Passion is Fuel, Part 3 – Food Films - Haute Cuisine

“There is nothing more cinematic and exciting than watching food be prepared.” 
Jon Favreau, Actor, Writer & Director “Chef” 

My passion for movies is matched only by my love for delicious food! And as in the quote above I also love watching food being prepared so much that I love taking photos at friend’s places where we share tasty meals. The colourful sights and aromas always lift my spirits and excite me no matter what I am going through in life!

This re-energizing feeling permeated the film Chef that featured an overflowing stream of tantalizing food scenes (see tip#763)! And it also flows in a French film featuring dishes that will get your mouth watering with delight called Haute Cuisine. If you love food then these two films can act as re-energizing resources whenever you feel down or stuck in life!

Haute Cuisine (2013) also known as Les Saveurs du Palais

The French comedy-drama film is loosely based on the memories of Danièle Delpeuch, the first and only female chef having worked for the French President at the Palais de l'Elysée. Renowned chef Hortense Laborie (Catherine Frot) is surprised when asked to be the private chef for the President of France (Jean d'Ormesson). His desire was to have the same find of food he enjoyed that his grandmother used to make growing up. See: movie trailer

Hortense is also inspiring because of her leadership abilities and strength in spirit as she faces adversities. She must constantly deal with jealous resentment from other kitchen staff. Her passion for her cuisine creations is also evident as she goes to great lengths to get the finest of ingredients and how she checks to see what is left on the plates after meals!

I highly recommend seeing Haute Cuisine to excite your taste buds, inspire your passion and re-energize your life and work with the strong, resilient spirit of the female movie hero!

“Personally, it’s adversity that keeps us on our toes. It’s a spice of life.” 
Haute Cuisine (2013) 

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