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Tip#765: Be Inspired by Someone’s Journey - Tanzania: A Journey Within

I love learning about the journeys that famous people experienced because I learn something new about myself and of the world. And then there are friends and everyday people who inspired me just hearing about their life-changing journeys like speaker Patrick Bizindavyi. He experienced challenging times when he lived in Burundi, Africa and learned how to stay resilient despite overwhelming adversities (see tip#523).

I recently had the honor of previewing a new documentary by my pal Sylvia Caminer who directed the outstanding documentary on 80’s rocker Rick Springfield called An Affair of the Heart (see tip#539). Her latest is Tanzania: A Journey Within and I was immediately inspired just by watching the trailer! See: movie trailer

Tanzania: A Journey Within (2014)

The documentary, Tanzania: A Journey Within, is about two friends who have life-changing experiences when they see life in Tanzania, Africa. After nine years in the US, Venance returns home with his American friend Kristen who experiences both the overflowing beauty and heartbreaking sorrows of Africa.

I was inspired on so many levels by Tanzania: A Journey Within. The film is a celebration of life despite the hardships living in Africa. The two central heroes demonstrated such courage and resilience making me feel deeply connected to each of their journeys of soulful self-discovery.

The film, with its gorgeous photography, opened my eyes to Africa’s beauty as well as the struggles of daily life and the many heartwarming communities. I highly recommend this inspiring documentary to escape into the hidden heart of Africa that will help you feel massively appreciative of all you have in your life.

As of this writing the film has not been officially released. I recommend seeing the trailer as it shows the power of the movie! See: movie trailer 

“We go through hardship and then we celebrate because in hardship we learn. Especially the harder the day the better the celebration will be.” 
Tanzania: A Journey Within 

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