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Tip#763: Passion is Fuel, Part 2 - Food Films - Chef

June 5th 2014 was one of the greatest days I’ve had in a long time. On that sunny, warm day I gave two successful keynotes at a conference for COSTI, one of Canada’s largest multicultural organizations (details in an upcoming post). I met so many warmhearted people there and when I returned home to check my emails discovered numerous job offers for my services! I believe this is the result of having committed years to my passion for movies and my desire to motivate and inspire others.  And despite getting hit by many adversities, my passion was definitely fuel for keeping me resilient!

Passion has an interesting definition which I like to share in my motivational talks. Passion is defined as: A powerful feeling. The object of such love and desire, great enthusiasm, anger or rage. There is a fantastic film called Chef with a movie hero demonstrating every aspect of that definition especially how anger and rage can ultimately be a positive factor in fueling success in life and career.

Chef (2014)

The comedy drama, Chef, is about Chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) who has a huge passion for cooking. After receiving a negative review by a food blogger (Oliver Platt) Chef Carl quits his restaurant job and expresses his anger via Twitter while videos of his rage get posted online. It then becomes a journey of having his passion fuel his next step that involves investing in his own food truck. This funny and engaging film will treat you to the visually delicious results of Chef Carl’s passion in a constant flow of mouthwatering foods being made and enjoyed! See: movie trailer 

The great cast also includes Scarlett Johannson, John Leguizamo, Sofia Vergara, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Downey Jr. and EmJay Anthony as Chef Carl’s son, Percy. Canadian comedian Russell Peters has a funny cameo too! The vibrant soundtrack also adds a sumptuous Latin flavour to the movie hero’s journey. Favreau was also the writer, director and co-producer of this indie film which makes it a true labour of love for him.

Read how another great foodie movie, Big Night, inspired Favreau to make his own food movie:

This wonderful film inspired me on so many levels. Chef is definitely the greatest movie about enjoying food AND for showing the power of social media I have ever seen! The movie also demonstrates the key ingredients to overcoming challenges in life and career such as: Following a passion, social support and resilience. I highly recommend you see today!

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Anonymous said...

It's a great movie about living your passion and making it...a true entrepreneurial feel good movie!!!

David Cohen
Boomer Business Coach