Sunday, June 09, 2013

Tip#663: Visualization & Your Imagination, Part 2 – Bedtime Stories

I am happy to say I am writing my first blog in my new home! It is the apartment that many told me would be impossible to find within a short time period and limited budget but I knew in my heart I would find it. And it was because of my creative visualization methods, a whole lot of faith AND the power of community that were the keys to success.

My primary affirmation that I spoke out loud several times a day was this: “As I look out my window of my quiet, bright bedroom and see beautiful green trees and blue skies I am so happy and grateful for my new home.” Now take a look at this photo taken from my new bedroom window and tell me if I was able to manifest my dream!

As I documented in May, it was another challenging time where I needed to continue to visualize what I desired despite what others believed was impossible. I kept my indestructible optimism active with the help of my wellness consultant and my life coach. On a weekly basis they consistently encouraged me to “stay the course” and with my latest success with a gloriously beautiful home overlooking the lake shore I hope my story encourages you to follow your dreams and goals no matter what!

Bedtime Stories (2008)

The comedy Bedtime Stories is about a hotel handyman named Skeeter (Adam Sandler) who tells bedtime stories to his niece and nephew that magically comes true. Somehow when they add their ideas to his stories they manifest into reality. For example when the kids say that Abraham Lincoln will appear he does so but on an American penny with Lincoln’s face on it!

Even though this is a light family film it speaks strongly on the key factor of creative visualization where it starts with childlike play of the imagination. Tapping into a realm where anything is possible is where great visionaries like Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers and Albert Einstein first pictured what they wanted to manifest.

What have you visualized that came true? A home or car you wanted? A job or vacation you desired? These may seem trivial but remember if you first pictured whatever you wanted with your mind. And then share your story with me and I will share it with others because your story may inspire someone with your success story!

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Anonymous said...

So great Emmanuel... Yes I do believe in the power of visualization and affirmative actions! You did it!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Powerful stuff!