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Tip#661: Are You Open to Change? – Warm Bodies

“Every great thing starts out a little scary, doesn’t it?” 
Warm Bodies (2013) 

As I mentioned in tip#652, May would be a big month of change and it was (see previous posts). A lot has happened and I have yet to write about a most enjoyable motivational presentation I gave at Toronto’s Metro Hall Employment Services for entrepreneurs and business owners. Plus I was one of the adjudicators (see tip#645) for the amazing award-winning films from the recent gala evening of the Multimedia Film Festival of York Region. See: Winners

Right now I am focused on the changes in my life where a new home and new work opportunities are just within reach. I am in that in between stage where I feel uprooted and a little uneasy. It’s not a pleasant feeling! Can you relate to that kind of change? In the end I do my best to remind myself that change always leads to something great. It always feels uncomfortable and stressful at first. See “The Cake Message” from tip#50 for an inspiring analogy.

Warm Bodies (2013)

The romantic zombie comedy, Warm Bodies, is about an unusual zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult) who develops a close relationship with a healthy human named Julie (Teresa Palmer) after he kills and eats her boyfriend’s brain absorbing his memories and feelings for Julie. Still with me?! This triggers a biological change in R’s heart and transforms Julie’s perceptions that zombies can live and feel again. See: movie trailer

This is one of those entertaining, original films that takes you beyond zombie movies and become thought provoking. The story can mirror your own life by questioning whether you are truly living or not. And if you are not then are you willing to change something about your self to achieve your goals? The film’s ultimate motivating message is that others will be there to support you in your time of change.

What favourite movies inspire you with the movie hero having to change? What film characters do you relate to that transform themselves into being a better person? Let me know and I’ll share your story. It might inspire someone to stay motivated!

Remember How Movies Can Help You: 
A) Entertain & Escape 
B) Re-energize & Release 
C) Insights, Epiphanies & AHA moments 

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