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Tip#662: Celebrating Awesome Young Filmmakers - 2013 Multimedia Film Festival of York Region

As I wrote in tip#645, I was one of three adjudicators for the 2013 Multimedia Film Festival of York Region and watched over 60 short films. I was so inspired by the talent of such young, awesome filmmakers who told powerful stories in just a few minutes. I got to meet some of these amazing youths at the gala awards and posted my photos on Facebook: See photos

Here are some of my favourites that I voted for. Click on the title so you can see the short film online:

Kazu & Azul
This is a story about love that takes us to new depths (literally!) as we follow this maid's tail (yes correct spelling!).
Director: Alex Broughton/Esteban Diaz
Professional-Best Dramas
1st Place

A story about Jake trying to cure his fiancée caught between human and monster during an undead epidemic. Yes that means zombies!
Director: Rob Comeau
Professional-Best Dramas
2nd Place

Are We Different?
This is a simple, effective example of how to show why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.
Director: Adrian Wong
Open Stream-Best Dramas
1st Place

Onion Skin
The story of a high school student determined to win the heart of someone with written letters instead of just texting her. This has one of the most romantic scenes I've ever seen in a film!
Director: Joseph Procopio
Secondary/Youth-Best Dramas
1st Place

Walk a Day in My Shoes
This story explores the idea of two boys who magically see through one another’s eyes by exchanging shoes.
Director: Rocco Napoli
Elementary/Child-Best Drama
2nd Place

Don’t Be
A powerful anti-bullying film with a positive message.
Director: Stacey Taube
Open Stream-Best Docs
1st Place

Dog Vlog
A whimsical report by a dog named Dog Gilmore addressing real life social, economic and environmental issues.
Director: Becca Williams
Secondary/Youth-Best Animations
1st Place

Good as Gold
A visually creative story about a teenage girl’s journey through depression, loneliness and low self-esteem to being self confident and happy.
Director: Kiriana Stanton
Secondary/Youth-Best Animations
2nd Place

Please check out these short films and let me know which ones you liked! Which movies entertained or moved you in some way? I’d love to know and will pass your comments onto the awesome filmmakers!

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