Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tip#599: The Power of Movies and Songs – Pitch Perfect

Do you ever listen to a favourite song to lift yourself up? Do you ever watch a favourite movie to take you away from your problems? And do you feel better after having a good laugh? These are 3 important motivational resources I highly recommend when you are feeling down, lost or even hopeless in your life or career.

 I mentioned in tip#596 that whenever I listen to ELO songs I always get a quick boost of energy. Songs like Livin' Thing, Don't Bring Me Down, Mr. Blue Sky and so many others always touch an emotional, timeless cord with me. And, as you know from this blog, movies play a big part in my well-being! Now imagine a film that combines and celebrates movies and song while adding a huge dose of comedy to make you laugh!

Pitch Perfect (2012)

The musical comedy Pitch Perfect is about Beca (Anna Kendrick), a freshman who joins her College's all-girl a capella singing group The Bellas in competition with their male rivals The Treble Makers. Beca is actually multi-talented as she sings AND is a talented song mixer. This film is just full of funny characters, amazing song arrangements and performances. See: movie trailer

One of the singers for the all-boy group, Jesse (Skylar Astin), is a movie lover and introduces Beca to the film The Breakfast Club. The movie and its song "Don't You (Forget About Me)" helps her transform a low period for her. Later it becomes key to her singing group's success AND their romantic relationship. Without saying any more, this movie instantly became one of my favourite movies and I highly recommend you see right now to get your toes tapping and lift your spirits sky high!

Whenever you are feeling low and need a boost of energy remember the power of movies, songs and laughter. Look at all your favourite films and music and see them as motivational resources you can count on to re-energize your drive, enthusiasm and positivity. And find ways to have a good laugh too, you'll feel so much better!

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