Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tip#591: Just Have Fun, Part 2 – Iron Sky

I recently felt overloaded with all my goals for promoting my social media consulting services, eBooks, movie articles and speaker topics that I was, ironically, thankful for the Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada. It gave me a chance to step outside my work mindset and see friends and family I have been missing. And I indulged in an overflow of delicious foods and wine with leftovers to enjoy for days to come!

What also helped was seeing movies just for the sake of having fun and being entertained. Films always help me escape any stress I experience and I found one that I've added to my "stress management" list of movie recommendations!

Iron Sky (2012)

The science fiction action comedy Iron Sky is about Nazi Germans who had fled to the moon and built a space fleet to return and conquer Earth in the year 2018. In the film you will notice that the President of the United States looks very much like Sarah Palin. Really, that’s all you need to know about this cheesy B-Movie style film! See: movie trailer

The difference in this B-Movie is that the special effects and spaceship designs are absolutely stunning. For example the Nazi spaceships are modeled after old Zeppelin airships and upgraded as massive space carriers for fighter ships. And the space battles are as epic as any other serious science fiction film. Did this film unleash my inner geek? YES! Will you enjoy this movie? YES and only if you intend to just have fun!

Stress Management Movie List

So start developing your "stress management" library of movies. Make a list of films that help entertain you and escape a heavy or foggy mindset for a few hours. It doesn't matter if your choices are comedies, action adventures, science fiction or romance. As long as you are having fun you'll be in the perfect head space!

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