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Tip#590: Expand Your Mind with Time Travel Movies, Pt 1 – The Time Traveler’s Wife

Since seeing Looper, starring Bruce Willis (see tip#587), I have been watching other time travel movies where characters are able to help their younger selves in the past. Ironically, Willis, played another character, Russell, who talked to his 9 year old self (Spencer Breslin) in Disney's The Kid. And in helping him overcome a childhood pain AND recognizing this as the source of his adult issues, resulted in a ripple effect that changed Russell's present AND future for the better!

This concept has been intriguing me recently. It's one of the reasons time travel movies are one of my absolute favourite themes for movies! And there is one film that was shot in Toronto where characters are constantly time traveling and interacting with past selves AND the future selves of loved ones.

The Time Traveler's Wife (2009)

The romantic drama The Time Traveler’s Wife is about Henry (Eric Bana) who has a genetic disorder that causes him to time travel randomly and tries to have a romantic relationship with his love Clare (Rachel McAdams). The film opens with Henry at 6 years old having his first traumatic experience time traveling while in a car accident with his mother. Amazingly his future self (Bana) is there to comfort his younger self and explain what happened. See: movie trailer

If you haven’t seen this thought-provoking film then I will only say there is another character that does the same thing comforting a younger self. It boggled my mind witnessing these scenes and that's when I realized my mind and imagination were opening up to new forms of thinking. I believe these emotional, cinematic moments help expand our mindsets to look at our own lives from new perspectives.

Time travel movies can inspire you with "what if" stories of characters helping their past and future selves in a positive way. If you feel emotional witnessing these scenes then recognize this as a sign you are identifying with the possibilities of a better reality for you. Expand your mind today with the possibility of a brighter future for yourself!

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Robin said...

Absolutely love this most powerful movie! Thanks for the insights!
Robin T.