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Tip#505: Breathe New Life Into Your Past & Purpose - Hugo

I recently attended a Christmas party where a Latin American beauty told me she's been reading my movie blog! She said that when she feels low she goes to my blog to find a movie tip. Her comment touched my heart. It was the same feeling a got when I received another comment on my 500th tip (see at bottom here) from a woman in the UK who has been following my movie blog for 5 years. She said I've been her motivational boost. These wonderful acknowledgements help remind me that I've found my purpose in life helping others in difficult times through the magic of movies.

I also just completed an exciting project combining 2 passions that had been buried for years. I produced a new holiday video greeting that features colourful illustrations I had created many years ago. And it features a song I arranged, performed and recorded in the mid 90's of the coolest cover version of Winter Wonderland no one had heard before! I was able to breathe new life into my past and share them now with the whole wide world on YouTube and social media!

See video: New Winter Wonderland Song - Holiday Greeting!

Hugo 2011

The 3D movie Hugo is based on the novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret about a boy who lives alone in a Paris train station. Directed by Martin Scorsese this magical film explores themes of fixing things and finding one's purpose. After his father's (Jude Law) untimely passing, Hugo (Asa Butterfield) focuses on fixing a broken robot to discover its purpose.

Hugo also ponders his purpose in life while a toy shop owner Georges (Ben Kingsley) struggles with the pain of his past that gets unearthed by the boy. They both need fixing and purpose and the film unfolds in surprising and emotional directions to accomplish this. They both end up breathing new life into their past with magical results.

Movies like this will remind you that it is never too late to fix broken memories of your past. And it is always a positive step to ponder your purpose in life. Finding your purpose in life helps you maintain your focus and enthusiasm in your work and life especially in difficult times. And remember, when you choose to breathe new life into your past or purpose there will always be someone there to help. It will be their purpose AND pleasure to help you!

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Anonymous said...

Great Christmas video...colourful inspiring and entertaining. Your multilple talents shine through.
Seasons Greetings and wishes for Peace and Prosperity in the New Year. You are an inspiration.


Anonymous said...

The song was FANTASTIC, silky smooth, and dare I say Seeexxxxy, baby! Did you record that recently? What a treat! Your illustrations have never looked better on video. Wow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel,

I love, love, love your new Holiday Greeting and song. Such lovely, fun illustrations. You are so creatively multi-talented - with such a beautiful singing voice ♥.

Thanks for all love and positivity that beams out from your Soul and that you give to the World.

You are a special person in more ways than one.

Yvonne B.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the video...and that's you singing?? WOW...WOW...WOW, I love the colours, the music, the story, you are such an inspiration!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Totally just inspired me to actually think about Christmas!!! Thank you...


Dan O. said...

The movie itself runs a bit long at 127 minutes, but Hugo is worth every minute for the visual feast it provides, and features Scorsese in probably his most delightful and elegant mood ever, especially with all of the beautiful 3-D. Good review.

Sue said...

I've been getting leads on movies from your site for almost five years (thanks so much for all the hard work you've done putting this together - your recommendations have helped me get through some extremely tough years). For some reason I was oblivious to your talents as both singer and artist (very sorry!). Very impressive indeed and I thoroughly loved your Christmas video. Thanks again, and keep up the amazing work. You're doing us a great service, really!!
Much love from Montreal!

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thank you all for your heartfelt compliments on my holiday video and song! My feet are lifting off the ground!

And thank you Sue for your encouraging and supportive message. It actually came at a time when my soul needed to hear that my movie blog is making a difference in people's lives like yourself. Thank you Sue for making my day!