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Tip#506: Time Travel & Alternate Reality Movies – 4 Hidden Gems

I'm happy to say that my life and career has been stabilizing after 2 years of intense change (see tip#400). And it's because I've been learning to focus on my future AND writing out detailed plans of my dreams and goals. My success also comes from my friend and Money/Wealth Guru, Patrick Bizindavyi who has become my official business coach. He has been helping me stay productive AND stay focused, focused, focused!

What Patrick continually reminds me of is the same message that John Assaraf (The Answer book) and Ti Caine (from 2012 Conference) are saying and it has to do with focusing and creating our own realities. It's about not dwelling or focusing on what you don't want presently in front of you. It's about BELIEVING that the awesome future you want already exists. Your future self already exists that has accomplished all your goals!

I love time travel movies growing up and I believe this passion allowed my imagination to flourish which is a key to visualizing your future and your future self. These movies can help you imagine your own possibilities. There are many popular movies about time travel and alternate realities like the Back To The Future movies, Groundhog Day and The Time Traveler's Wife.

Here are 4 hidden gems I've discovered recently...

Mr. Nobody (2009)

This movie is about a man close to death who ponders the many lives he remembers living even though it is a mystery which are real or not. The stunning visual storytelling will take you into the past, present and future of Nemo Nobody (Jared Leto). He will share many fascinating life lessons about making choices in your life that can take you in very different directions. See: movie trailer

Primer (2004)

This independent movie is about 2 friends (Shane Carruth and David Sullivan) that accidentally discover a means of time travel. This film is like a documentary and so it feels like everything you witness is actually real. The time travel paradoxes that get introduced will keep you on your toes and you'll want to see it again to see how earlier scenes fit into revelations throughout the story. See: movie trailer

The Scientist (2010)

This movie is about a reclusive physicist (Bill Sage) who creates a mysterious machine in his basement that alters his life and sense of reality and those around him. His invention helps him move beyond his depression because of the new perceptions of life he discovers. These new, exciting possibilities of existence helps him see death in a whole new way. See: movie trailer

Café (2010)

This independent movie explores the relationships (Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jamie Kennedy), and the community and regulars that come to a local café before a tragedy occurs. At first this appears to be a down-to-earth light hearted story but the concepts of alternate realities begin to unfold in a fun, playful way! This will get you to question existence in the same way The Matrix movie did. See: movie trailer

All these hidden gems will help you open your mind to new possibilities of your future. They can activate your imagination so you can start visualizing the future you dream about or desire. These movies will also get you to see the importance of FOCUS and the making of CHOICES. By making choices and then focusing on that choice you will open your door to your awesome future life!

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