Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tip#507: See Life as an Epic Adventure - Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol

PICTURE THIS: In 6 days you are going on a sunny holiday vacation and suddenly you get some sort of cold virus that forces you to stay in bed. Do you choose to focus on not making your vacation date OR do you choose to see life as an epic adventure whatever is happening at the moment?

This happened to me this past week and I CHOSE to see life as an adventure especially in my mind as I lay in bed delirious with fever. I kept imagining how exciting my vacation would be AND took immediate actions on getting well, taking vitamins, supplements, lots of liquids and rest. And here I am! I am writing this blog post in sunny Las Vegas for the Christmas holidays!

What amazed me more is that the day before my flight Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol opened in IMAX cinemas and I was compelled to see it. I was still a little disoriented but trusted my gut and saw it at the Scotiabank IMAX theatre. I was blown away! It was an epic adventure! I was so entertained and taken away that my spirit was incredibly energized by all the action sequences AND the bigger than life IMAX format! It was like a reward for maintaining my positive mindset.

Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol 2011

The spy film Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol is the 4th installment with agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team of spies. As with all the previous movies this one is filled with even more amazing spy tech gear, exotic locations (Dubai, Mumbai) and elaborate action scenes. Seeing Hunt scale the world's highest tower in Dubai is a stunning segment and MUST be seen in IMAX. See: movie trailer

The bonus is that you will also see a thrilling and long preview of upcoming movie The Dark Knight Rises. The scene you see was filmed in IMAX and so even before Ghost Protocol you will be taken to another world through the magic of cinema. After the film I had a big smile on my face because I already felt like I was on my sunny holiday vacation!

If you find yourself faced with unpleasant situations like a debilitating cold at times you really don't want it, do your best to maintain an optimistic mindset. Roll with the punches and focus on picturing yourself healthy and vibrant. Then take the necessary actions to move through your challenge with confidence. Whatever you imagine will eventually manifest so have faith and see life as an epic, exciting adventure and it will come to you in some amazing way!

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NicNacManiac said...

WOWZA Emmanuel,
Love the timing of your review with the recent events occurring in real life. Your positive spin on the whole situation just makes me grin from ear to ear.
I don’t know if you remember me from way way back, saw you on something or other and thought, checked it out and well, you ARE awesome!
I hope you enjoy a fantabulous time in Vegas for the Holidays and tons of love and laughter for 2012. xOxO Nerina

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Wow, your message really made my day Nerina! Thanks so much for the encouraging and supportive messages. I wish you a fantastic New Year as well!