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Tip#504: Where There’s A Will There’s A Way OUT! - Happy Feet Two

I recently attended another life-changing 4 day intensive workshop called Canada's Public Speaking Academy where I got to improve my platform skills and speaker content. Facilitated by Barry Spilchuk, speaker and co-author of Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soup, he passed on his wisdom, techniques and experiences for us to excel as engaging, heartfelt speakers AND how to use our voices to help change the world.

The attendees included a diverse group of professionals and business owners who were all born in a different part of the world e.g. U.K., Ukraine, South Africa, Jamaica, etc. They each had such a unique style of speaking and had the gift for engaging an audience with passion. As we each took turns giving a speech in front of the group we all helped one another by giving advice and encouragement to be the best speaker possible. It was a mini United Nations of support!

Happy Feet Two 2011

The animated movie Happy Feet Two is a sequel continuing the adventures of an Emperor penguin named Mumble (Elijah Wood) and his dancing feet talents. This time he and his son Erik must find a way to save their entire clan trapped by a glacial disaster. The solution was to enlist the help of nearby species like the Adelie penguins, Elephant seals and even the humans they referred to as "aliens".

What unfolds is a magnificent movie filled with energetic songs, stunning visuals and a multitude of clever, motivational messages. One of my favourite lines was: "Where there is a will there's a way OUT!" It is moving to see how each of the species come and do everything they can to help the penguins in need. Ultimately this is a story that celebrates the power of community and how any massive disaster can be overcome through co-operation and the will to accomplish any goal.

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Amazingly, the core message of Happy Feet Two mirrors the core message of the movie Thrive previously reviewed in tip#503. It's as if both movies are reminding audiences right now that the power of community is important in the solutions for current global challenges. Positive change can start with your own life challenges. Just find the will to remain positive and ask for help when you need it. We live in a world filled with amazing supportive souls in it! Someone will hear your voice!

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