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Tip#503: Keep An Open Mind - Thrive

My favourite movie in my teens was Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Later in my 20's it was Contact starring Jodie Foster. Both excited me because I believed in the existence of alien life from other planets and these films helped fuel my imagination. They allowed my mind to stay open to the possibilities of amazing, mind-blowing concepts.

In my 30's I would become so enthralled in extraterrestrial life, crop circles, ancient prophecies and energy that I composed and performed all the songs and music on my debut album, Rain of Angels (see website). One of the songs called "2012" was about the Mayan Prophecies pointing to the "end of the world as we know it" in the year 2012. See my 2012 music video: Click here

I was utterly amazed when I recently saw a documentary featuring all of my interests and fascinations growing up and my music CD. This film may also be the most controversial film I have featured on my movie blog OR the most important. You decide...

Thrive 2011

The movie Thrive is an unconventional documentary that reveals what is really going on in our world on multiple levels. Foster Gamble, who co-wrote and hosts the film, presents 3 sections on what has been happening on planet earth and how we can improve our quality of life. The topics are: The Code, The Problem, The Solutions. Foster, along with interviews with Deepak Chopra and other experts in their fields, discuss ancient cultures, U.F.O.'s, crop circles, free energy, world economy and revealing explanations to our current financial challenges.

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The content of this film may challenge your beliefs and even shake the very core of everything you believe to be true. Foster already has a concise website ( that outlines sources for the facts presented in his movie. In the end I was very inspired by the Solutions segment where Foster presents an exciting vision of our future that revolves around building community. It centres around the key message that there IS enough resources on our planet for every single human being to thrive.

Dealing with unexpected changes in your life comes down to keeping an open mind about what you "think" you know. Amazing solutions may be right in front of you but may be invisible because of what you've been conditioned to believe. All you have to do is be flexible in how you've been viewing life and be open to new, mind-blowing concepts. These new ideas may be the solutions you've been looking for all along!

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