Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tip#432: Experience Animated Magic - The Illusionist 2010

Recently, I was so surprised to see the Oscar nominated movie, The Illusionist. A friend recommended it at a time when my spirit needed re-energizing and suddenly I was transported to the rich and colourful animated worlds of Paris, London and the highlands of Edinburgh, Scotland.

This film felt so magical that it reaffirmed why I loved movies so much. The whimsical world I was immersed in was filled with vibrant characters, tasty colours and an incredible attention to detail. Plus the movie viewing was made even more enjoyable in the company of a good friend I hadn't seen in awhile.

The Illusionist 2010

The animated feature The Illusionist is about a French illusionist (Jean-Claude Donda) finding work by traveling to Scotland. There he meets a young woman named Alice (Eilidh Rankin) who joins him on his adventures. The movie has very little dialogue and is told mostly in the gestures and expressions of all the wonderful characters.

Set in the late 1950's the movie is a story about the human condition dealing with unexpected transitions and of feeling obsolete. The illusionist faces competition with the rise of rock and roll acts while we see the introduction of light bulbs replacing candles and of the television. The results are funny scenes mixed with melancholic and sad moments.

"Some transitions are smooth and painless; others are painful and cruel."
The Illusionist review by Derrick Bang on Film

This movie may not be for everyone and yet it touched me so deeply that I am rooting for it to win the Oscar next Sunday over my other favourite How To Train Your Dragon. Read a wonderful review on Derrick Bang on Film. Also read Harry Knowles rave review and beautiful insights at Ain't It Cool News.

Discover movies that will transport you to a rich new world for an hour or two. Immerse yourself with the re-energizing power of cinema. Whether the movie is live action or animated they can be a tremendous, magical source of inspiration!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! Adding this to the (long and growing longer) list of must-sees!