Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tip#430: Synchronicity Stories – Let Go and Upgrade Your Life – Cedar Rapids

While moving to my current home near High Park I experienced a profound synchronicity. It had to do with letting go of an old chest of drawers that was a hidden anchor keeping me stuck in the past.

For years I've had a solid wood chest of drawers that came with me through the last 3 moves of the last 9 months (see tip#426). It never, ever occurred to me to get a new one until I was about to move 2 weeks ago. It suddenly dawned on me that I had been carrying this dresser with me since my teenage years. I felt a wave of emotions like shock, embarrassment and then happy resolve. It was time to let go.

So I went to Ikea and saw an ideal and more "manly" dresser and planned to return to purchase it. On the way home I remembered that people post used Ikea furniture on Craigslist and checked it out. To my surprise the exact dresser and colour was on sale for almost half the selling price AND still available.

The synchronistic jolt I received next was that I had to go to Don Mills and Finch area north of Toronto to pick it up. I got chills up my spine. This location was practically next door to where I grew up and got my original chest of drawers. I felt a deep feeling that I was letting go of an old part of me in order to upgrade to a new, adult life.

Cedar Rapids 2011

The comedy Cedar Rapids is about a naïve, boyish insurance agent named Tim Lippe (Ed Helms) who is sent to represent his company at a conference. He encounters many colourful characters including his hotel roommates Ronald (Isiah Whitelock Jr.) and Dean (John C. Reilly). Together with another convention attendee, Joan (Anne Heche) Tim faces a series of life changing issues that help him "grow up" fast.

Tim learns to break out of his sheltered shell and adolescent mindset by socializing, learning to drink and experiment with drugs. This "rites of passage" story reminded me of The 40 Year Old Virgin where the movie hero must let go of a boyhood mentality that was holding him back in many areas of his adult life.

Take Action

Take a look around your home and see if there are old items or furniture you've been carrying for years. Be open to the idea that they may represent an old life that must be let go of. Believe that letting go will free you for new opportunities and experiences. It's always good to upgrade the quality of your life. Are you ready to take action today?

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Jaccstev said...

This sounds wonderful. I really need to upgrade my life too :)

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Hi Jaccstev - Hope you get a great upgrade!