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Tip#428: Synchronicity Stories – It's In The Cards – The Karate Kid 2010

I'm now in my new home where I also have a brand new roommate. I already feel it's a magical and mystical phase for rebuilding my life. It's like a combination of fate and each of our intentions have brought us together for accelerated healing and mutual motivation.

This synchronistic story is an example of the uncanny events unfolding. On the day I moved in with my roommate she was compelled to pull an inspirational card message for me from her Earth Magic Oracle Cards. It is a set of 48 cards comprising of illustrations and titles such as: WIND-Activation, CAVE-Sanctuary and DAWN-New Beginnings.

She shuffled the cards and pulled out LAKE-Stillness. She then read the meaning from the guidebook that said it is critical for me to seek stillness and clear my mind. We both felt a connection with the message. I was then compelled to pull a card message for her. I shuffled the cards and pulled one out. Time stood still and my jaw dropped.

I pulled the exact same card, LAKE-Stillness. We both got shivers up our spines and expressed awe and other wide-eyed reactions. Remember there are 48 different cards so for each of us to pull identical cards told us that something profoundly amazing was happening. We were in synch for helping one another.

The Karate Kid 2010

The movie The Karate Kid is a remake of the 1984 film and celebrates the same themes of finding one's courage and of learning what you need to know. 12 year old Dre (Jaden Smith) moves to China from the US with his mother and soon finds himself the victim of local bullies. He then discovers an ally and mentor in the apartment handyman Mr. Han (Jackie Chan).

Mr. Han teaches Dre the art and discipline of Kung Fu which helps him overcome his fear of bullying and angst living in a new land. Later when Mr. Han reveals his own personal pain and suffering it is Dre that lifts Mr. Han up. They were both teacher and student for each other. They were meant to meet and help one another at that point in time.


This film turned out to be the first movie my roommate and I would watch together and felt like a sign from the universe for how we would both be teacher and student for one another. We were meant to connect. It was in the cards!

Believe in synchronicity and that YOU WILL cross paths with just the right people you need to connect with. Believe in magical meetings that can fill you with excitement, wonder and the opportunity to achieve your dreams and goals.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Motivatorman! This is the movie I am longing to watch... but I still have piles of dvd movies at home waiting to be watched :)

Good to hear your positive connection with your new roommate.

Congrats to you for your BRAND NEW home.

Harvey C.